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UK Government Regulation

Electronic cigarette and UK e Liquid are not regulated yet by the UK Government; the MRHA has announced that it is regulating the e cigarette market in the UK from 2016. It will do this by categorising e cigarettes and e liquid as medicines. This means that from 2016 only licensed product probably supplied through the NHS will be allowed to be sold.

Who Is Behind The Scenes
There have been some seriously heated debates and proposals put forward to introduce bans, regulation and other types of control one cigarettes, despite that there has been zero recorded illnesses or deaths related to the use of electronic cigarettes. Trying to sift through all these proposals and sort out the genuine ones from the ones proposed by back seated tobacco companies and bureaucrats paid by tobacco companies.

Money Vs Health
The problem seems to be about money. In the UK the Government generates a billion pounds per from tax on tobacco cigarettes. And as smokers switch over to electronic cigarettes in their droves this income is starting to seriously dwindle. We will need to wait and see what happens in 2016 when the regulation is going to become lawful.