Range of Clearomizers and Tanks

The Vape Shop has a full range of clearomizers and tanks for your electronic cigarettes, choose from disposable CE4’s, Mini Pro Tanks V2’s, CE6 Re-buildable and lots more. Clearomizer tanks came after the traditional drip system atomizers and really re-created electronic cigarette vaping experiences by allowing the eliquid to be always in contact with the atomizer through wicks. Although there are a lot of variations of the clearomizer tank system The Vape Shop only stocks popular models that have been tried and tested and ones that provide quality vaping experiences without any headaches.

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Aspire ET-S BDC Clearomizer


The Aspire ET-S BDC (bottom dual coil) is a unique design with a new heating element coil technology. As bottom coil clearomizer types are becoming popular, the Aspire ET-S BDC tank is reinforced with..

Aspire Cleito 120


Introducing the new awesome Aspire Cleito 120 sub-ohm tank which is the nuclear upgraded version of the standard Cleito tank. Why? Because the Cleito 120 is the beast of sub-ohm tank and operates best..

Aspire Cleito EXO Tank (TPD Compliant)


The Aspire Cleito EXO is the newer version of the previous Cleito and its wicked! The Cleito Exo is a TPD compliant 2ml tank with the new top-side airflow system to take vaping to the next level. Top ..

Aspire K1 Tank


The K1 is a new generation of ‘glassomizer’, which uses the Aspire “BVC” (Bottom Vertical Coil) technology. This new technology is designed to last longer while still giving vapers the purest and clea..

Aspire K2 Glassomizer Tank


The Aspire K2 Tank uses Aspire’s acclaimed ‘BVC’ replaceable coils. The K2 produces great vapour clouds for great mouth to lung vaping. The K2 can hold upto 1.8ml of e liquid and has a bottom filling ..

Aspire K3 Tank


The K3 tank by Aspire is a new generation of ecig tank, which uses the Aspire Nautilus BVC technology. The stainless steel drip tip and the pyrex glass give the K3 a strong robust feel and produces a ..

Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank (TPD Compliant)


The Aspire Nautilus 2 tank is the successor to the original Nautilus and Nautilus Mini tanks. It features a 2ml capacity and a Top Filling mechanism, along with an expanded set of airflow options. The..

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Aspire Nautilus X Tank (TPD Compliant)


The Aspire Nautilus X is ideally vaped between 14 and 20 watts. Featuring Aspire's U-tech coil technology that improves airflow and flavour performance the Nautilus X provides excellent mouth-to-lung ..

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Aspire Quad Flex Survival Kit


A new brilliant - Swiss Army style - tank kit from Aspire allows users to take advantage of the ‘Classic Nautilus’ and the ‘Nautilus X’ in one box. The Quad-Flex, that can be used to assemble a 22mm 1..

Aspire Revvo Tank


The Revvo tank by Aspire is a game changer when it comes to coils. The Revvo uses the new ARC (Aspire Radial Coil) coil which is a flat disc shaped coil. Made of Kanthal, the ARC coil is rated at 0.10..

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CE4 Clearomizer


The CE4 Clearomizer is one of the top selling electronic cigarette top coil clearomizer tanks on the market; it is cheap, reliable and produces a strong throat hit with lots of vapour. The CE4 is..

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CE5 Wickless Clearomizer


The CE5 Wickless is exactly the same as the CE4 tank apart from the fact that there are no wicks. Because this CE5 clearo’ is wickless it does not use up as much e liquid as a CE4 and maintains a qual..

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