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When you start using an electronic cigarette device for the first time you are bound to have a multitude of questions that arise. These will be anything from device use issues to general electronic cigarette and e liquid inquiries. At The Vape Shop we have put together a useful help guide of some of the most popular questions and answers. if you have a question you don't find the answer for here please email us at info(@) Please click on any section to read information, help, advice and answers to general queries.


Popular Electronic Cigarettes F.A.Q.’s and Q&A’s


General FAQ’s 

What is an E-Cigarette?

What exactly is E-Smoking?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Healthy?

How Do E- Cigarettes work?

Can I Use E-Cigarettes to Help Me Quit Smoking?

Do E-Cigarettes Taste Like Regular Tobacco Cigarettes?

Do E-Cigarettes Smell or Leave Odours?

Are E-Cigarettes Cheaper Than Tobacco Cigarettes?

What Type of E Cigarette Device Should I Buy?

Are Electronic Cigarettes Approved by the UK Government?

Do E-Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

What Scientific Studies Have Been Conducted on Electronic Cigarettes?

eCig Device FAQ’s

What Does It Mean When The LED Light Flashes On The Battery?

How Long Does A Charged Battery Last For?

What Is The Lifespan Of A Battery?

Do I Need To Charge My Battery For 8 Hours When New?

Do E Cigarette Batteries Explode?

Clearomizer / Tank FAQ’s

How Long Do Clearomiser / Tanks / Atomizers Last For?

What Is The Difference Between Re-Buildable And Disposable Clearomizers?

How Do I Know When To Change My Clearomizer / Atomizer?

What Types Of Clearomizers Are There?

What Is The Difference Between a Tank / Clearomizer / Atomizer?

What Does BDC Clearomizer Mean?

Does Having More Wicks Make In The Clearomiser Create A Stronger Vape Hit?

Why Do I Get A Burnt Taste From My Clearomizer?

e Liquid FAQ’s

What Is E Liquid / E Juice?

Where Is E Liquid Made?

Tobbaco Vs E Liquid?

What Is Propylene Glycol or (PG) ?

What Is Vegetable Glycerine (VG)?

What Is The Shelf Life Of E Liquid?

Is Nicotine Poisonous?
How Can Nicotine Affect Me?

Is Nicotine Addictive?