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Posted by in Reviews on Sep 16, 2019 .

At The Vape Shop we offer one of the largest tobacco flavoured e liquid menus in the UK. Our range of tobac e juices has a flavour for every tobacco vaper out there. As with the real thing there are lots of variations of tobacco flavours from course tobaccos to smooth USA tobacs. Then there are flavoured and enhanced tobacco e liquids that have been expertly blended to enhance the tobac flavour of add extra dimensions to the whole vape by combining complementary flavours.

Voted As The Best Virginia Tobac E Liquid
Based on customer feedback on this site and our online social platforms the Virginia e juice we have created is by far one...

Posted by in Latest on Jan 03, 2019 .

The town of Boscombe is located on the south coast, just two miles from nearby Bournemouth. This once sleepy town has been transformed from what was once just another 1950s-style beach location to the now vibrant and exciting 21st-century area that is becoming increasingly popular with locals and visitors. Thanks to the Boscombe Spa Village redevelopment scheme, there are plenty of things to see and do in Boscombe, from water sports to slacklining, trips to the local seafront and of course the wide range of shops to visit - including the stunning Victorian Royal Arcade.

The Original Boscombe Vape Shop

The Vape Shop has been...

Posted by in Latest on Dec 24, 2018 .

All over your cheeseburger, to all over your clothes in front of the colleague you’ve tried so hard to get the attention of – leaks can happen at the worst times. The vaping gods don’t care about your street cred or your love life, a leaking vape machine can strike at any moment.


When your device starts leaking, it is easy to lose hope and begrudgingly head to the store for an expensive replacement. But, before you grab your jacket and trudge out the door, take a look at our guide to help you identify your leaking issue. Our post is packed with lots of possible reasons why your device is leaking and how to fix it.



Posted by in Latest on Dec 24, 2018 .

A smoky haze has lifted from the vaping industry of late. Manufacturers of vaping devices are changing the way they make their products. Instead of incorporating the standard ohm coils that the industry has been plagued with for the last four years, they are now using mesh coils.


Plagued may be the wrong term to use, these OHM coils weren’t bad at all. But as time goes on, we come up with better inventions and ways of doing things. The mesh coil is just that. It offers vapour-device users more quality than they have ever known.


To get you up to speed on this latest industry shakeup, we have outlined why mesh coils are a...

Posted by in Latest on Dec 24, 2018 .

For many people, one of the best things about vaping is the opportunity to try a whole lot of new and exciting flavours every time they fire up their device. Back in the days of smoking, cigarettes only came with tobacco flavour – or possibly menthol. Vaping opens up a world of tastes, so it’s no wonder that manufacturers are pushing the boundaries of flavour, creating ever-more exotic options that tingle the tastebuds and delight the senses.

If you’re yet to be initiated into the world of e-juices, you’re sure to be astounded by the sheer breadth of choice you’ve got available. Of course, there are classic e-liquids like

Posted by in Latest on Oct 01, 2018 .

Well we have come a long way since 2011. Since then I have watched as the vape industry has grown at a mind-boggling phenomenally fast rate. Initially the push-back by society, at first fighting against this new product and growing scene, and the fear-mongering seemed like it would almost crush the vaping movement before it got out of its cradle. But such was the totally unique and tergetted success with smokers being able to easily switch from tobacco to the vaping that the omentum overcame the negative prejudice.

How A Community Of Vapers Has Grown
Now, when I sit in one our vape stores, I have a feeling of deep contentment as I...

Posted by in Latest on Sep 29, 2018 .

The Vape Shop is pleased to announce it's new section of ‘Guest E Liquid Brands’. We have selected the top e juice brands from all over the world, we then researched there best selling flavours and stocked them here in the UK for you to buy. We have then reviewed the competition and priced these top selling e liquids as low as we can go to enable our users to get the best liquids for the cheapest prices.

Proven Track Record
As you'll know there are 1000’s of e liquid suppliers with 100’s of new ones setting up daily. However most of them offer either poor or average tasting liquids. At The Vape Shop all our guest e liquid...

Posted by in Latest on Jul 03, 2018 .

E liquid is a combination of various ingredients which include; water, propylene glycol,, nicotine, glycerine, and additives. It is often used in vapor products, and ingredients vary from one product to the other. Generally, E liquid comes in numerous flavors all of which contain certain percentages of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). In this article, we shall discuss the best E liquid brands based on vapers reviews to look out for in 2018 and 2019.

1.      Black Note

Black Note is among the best E liquids available. Its flavors are extracted naturally from actual tobacco leaves. According to the available Black Note...