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£95,000 Worth of Illegal Vapes Discovered in Stockport

Joint Operation Yields Significant Results 

In a collaborative effort, the Greater Manchester Police and the council’s Trading Standards officers uncovered illegal vaping products valued at £95,000 across Stockport. This operation culminated in the arrest of six individuals.

Details of the Seizure

On September 21, Thursday, single-use vapes exceeding the legal liquid capacity were discovered in three distinct locations – the town centre and Edgeley. Alongside this, many of these confiscated vapes bore inappropriate health warnings.

During the operation, 14 stop-searches were executed leading to arrests for various offences, encompassing theft, burglary, and even possession of a blade. This surge in police activity was a response to local residents raising alarms over theft, shoplifting, and public disturbances.

In a subsequent search, Stockport’s West Neighbourhood Policing Team further confiscated hundreds of additional illegal vaping products from another local establishment.

The Bigger Picture

Greater Manchester’s various boroughs are grappling with multifaceted issues related to vaping. Notably, Salford recently proposed restrictions on vaping near educational institutions and recreational areas for children. Concurrently, the UK government is deliberating the implementation of nationwide restrictions targeting disposable single-use vapes.

Official Statements

Coun Frankie Singleton of Stockport Council emphasised, “The blatant targeting of young individuals with unregulated vaping products poses significant health risks. We are fully devoted to eradicating such products that violate the country’s regulations.”

Echoing this sentiment, Coun David Meller, leader of the Stockport Labour group, praised the joint operation, underscoring the significance of partnership in addressing community challenges. He further highlighted the need to expand this vigilant approach, particularly around school areas.

Sergeant James Senior of GMP’s Stockport Central Neighbourhood Policing Team encapsulated the operation’s intent, stating, “Our primary goal is to exercise a strict no-tolerance policy towards retail crime and disruptive behaviour in the town centre.”

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