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Tobacco VS E Liquid

Did you know that one tobacco cigarette (including a tobacco roll-your-own)) contains over 4000 chemicals of which 250 are extremely harmful to human beings! Most of the chemicals in tobacco attack the respiratory system, clog up the arteries and produce serious health issues including death. Since 1995 which is when the electronic cigarette came onto the market there have been over 40,000,000 deaths worldwide directly related to tobacco smoking. In the same timespan there have been no recorded illnesses related to the use of electronic cigarettes.

The 2010 US Surgeon General report, ‘How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease’, concludes that “there is no risk-free level of exposure to tobacco smoke, and there is no safe tobacco product.” (Read Report)

Deaths: 1995 - 2014


40,000,000 deaths

E Liquid (electronic cigarettes)

0 Deaths

Smoking Illnesses: 1995 - 2014


120,000,000 Illnesses

Electronic Cigarettes

0 Illnesses


Tobacco = (4500 (harmful to the body)

E Liquid = 4 (metabolized safely by the body)

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