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Smoking Vs E Cigarette Costs

​A massive factor in switching from tobacco cigarettes to an electronic cigarette device is the costs. The price of tobacco cigarettes has increased exponentially over the last 20 years. At one time a packet of 10 fags cost around £0.26 pence, now you are looking at paying over £3.00 pounds! If you are a twenty a day smoker then you would be looking at paying around £2500.00 per year for the tobacco habit.

Smoking Vs E Cigarettes

20-a-day Tobacco Fags = £2500.00 per year
E-cigarette and e liquid = £240.00 per year

Buying a mid-ranged electronic cigarette starter kit plus monthly e liquid and atomizer costs will cost around £240.00 per year which means that the e cigarette is seriously cheaper than tobacco fags. When you consider this aspect alone the e cigarette is the sane choice for every smoker. You still get the habit, the nicotine, the sensation and taste and you get to blow out what feels like smoke but for a fraction of the cost!