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What Is An Electronic Cigarette

What Is An E Cigarette

A lot of people are asking the question: What is an e cigarette? And no wonder as this alternative tobacco smoking craze is spreading across the world, our streets and venues like wildfire.

The term ‘e cigarette’ stands for ‘Electric Cigarette’ which is a product that introduces nicotine into the body of the user mimicking a tobacco cigarette but without any of the harmful effects that tobacco cigarettes include like - carcinogens, toxins and tar. 

It allows smokers the ability to carry on smoking without any harmful effects as well as allows tobacco smokers a new way to quit smoking using the e cigarette as a way to reduce nicotine intake in a similar way to nicotine patches. 

Who Invented the E Cigarette
The first commercial electronic cigarette was invented by Hon Lik in 2003 and then marketed in 2004 by a Chinese company (Golden Dragon Holdings), Hon Lik was later nominated for the 2010 Kcancer Hero. 

However it is interesting to note that in 1963 an official patent was filed by Herbert A. Gilbert for a ‘smokeless non-tobacco cigarette’ however as technology was not sophisticated enough and also because smoking was not considered as deadly as it is today it never made it to manufacturing. 

How An E Cigarette Works
Very simply put an e cigarette is usually combined of three parts: 

1. Cartridge / Tank / Filter
2. Atomiser/Clearomizer
3. Battery

Putting all three together and adding some e-liquid which contains nicotine makes up the electronic smoking device. The ‘battery’ powers the ‘atomiser’ which turns the ‘e-liquid’ into vapour which is then inhaled via the filter (or Tank or Cartridge) by sucking on the tip in the same way as a normal tobacco cigarette. 

In doing this the vapour smoker inhales the vapour and nicotine in exactly the same way as traditional smoking but without any of the 6000 life threatening chemicals included in tobacco cigarettes. All the parts that make an e cigarette are in fact consumable and have to be replaced at some point. 

Benefits Of An E Cigarette
The benefits of electric cigarettes are pretty obvious and focus on two main areas: 

a) The e cigarette smoker is no longer exposing themselves to the seriously high health risks associated with tobacco smoking. 
b) The e cigarette is a lot cheaper to use than tobacco cigarettes. 

Although the above two reasons are the biggest benefits of using electric cigarettes there are numerous smaller ones such as: 

a) No nasty smells
b) No passive smoking risks
c) Potentially improved health
d) Convenient to use most places
e) No social stigma
f) No risk of accidental home fires
g) Cheaper life insurance

The list can go on, but it is plain to see the vast advantages of choosing electric cigarettes over tobacco ones. 

Concerns Of An Electric Cigarette
There are still concerns over e cigarettes as they are still a relatively new invention on the market. There are concerns over the safety of the individual products as there is little health and safety regulations for electric cigarettes so this means that poorly or cheaply manufactured units can come onto the market which could be potentially harmful to the user. 

There are also concerns over the effect of inhaling the e-liquid although quite a lot of studies have now been done which prove that inhaling types of e-liquid is non-harmful and definitely not as harmful as smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes. 

Where To Buy E Cigarettes
Currently there are many UK, European and Overseas suppliers of electric cigarettes, you can buy them from Tesco, market stalls, shops and through online portals and websites. 

Acquiring an electric cigarette is easy but ost establishments and traders will not sell to anybody who is under 18. 

There are so many varying types of electric cigarettes it can be mind boggling to decide which one to go for, if that is the case then reading an official e cigarette review site can help users decide which ones might best suit their need.

Article Reprinted from our sister site