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Are E Cigarettes Safe?

There has been a lot of debate since electronic cigarette devices came onto the market in 1995 about whether they are healthy or not and although there are some very definite facts about using an e cigarette such as the fact that they are definitely a safer alternative to tobacco smoking some people still query whether there are any health risks associated with using an e cig.

There have been lots of clinical studies conducted on e cigarettes over the years which nearly all state that the e cigarette is a safer alternative to smoking, and now in 2014 we have seen some very serious organisations and high profile people in the medical and science industries come out in favour of the electronic cigarette.

In a recent letter to the World Health Organisation (WHO) 50 well known medical researches and public health officials urged the WHO to “resist the urge to control and suppress e-cigarettes…” stating that the e cigarette was the miracle medical device of the 21st century.

Since the emergence of the e cigarette there has not been one recorded illness or death related to the appropriate use of an e cigarette.