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Does An E Cigarette Taste Like A Real Tobacco Cigarette?

One of the most popular questions a tobacco smoker asks is; do electronic cigarettes taste like tobacco cigs? The answer can be a resounding yes and no! On the market today there are currently over 100 popular e liquid flavours to choose from, of these around 30 are related to various tobacco e liquid flavours.

In fact the real-tobacco flavor and taste is one of the reasons e cigarettes are so successful is that the e cig user feels like he/she is smoking a real cigarette. As time has gone on in the electronic cigarette industry the tobacco flavors have become more and more life-like.

Whether it’s a tobacco-menthol, hand rolling tobacco, pipe tobacco or high street brand tobacco smoker there is an e liquid flavor to match the taste of your favourite ciggies. In fact nearly 70% of e smokers switch to one of the fruit or sweet flavours within 1-2 months so don’t be surprised if in a while you vaping away puffing on strawberry flush flavor!