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Can E Cigarette Batteries Explode?

​Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries can easily rupture, ignite, or explode when exposed to high temperatures, or direct sunlight. They should not be stored in a car during hot weather. Short-circuiting a Li-ion battery can also cause it to ignite or explode. Never open a Li-ion battery's casing. Li-ion batteries contain safety devices that, protect the cells inside from abuse. If damaged, these can cause the battery to ignite or explode.

In the mid 2000’s dell had to withdraw a massive amount of laptop’s because of volatile lithium ion batteries manufactured by Sony, read more here...

Electronic Cigarette Lithium Ion Batteries

As e cigarettes use for the most part lithium ion batteries they are subject to the same volatile risks all lithium ion batteries have. If they are overheated, over charged or develop a fault e cig batteries can overheat, catch fire and explode.

To reduce the risk of an exploding battery there are some safety procedure you can follow such as:

1. Ensure you have purchased the correct chargers from The Vape Shop and do not use any other e cigarette charger units purchased from other outlets and vendors or use any other method of charging such as computers, iPhone plugs, car chargers.

2. Ensure you have purchased a The Vape Shop Electronic Cigarette Battery Charger Bag. Only charge your ecig batteries when they are sealed inside this safety bag.

3. Maintain a visual watch over your battery whilst charging. Never leave the battery charging unsupervised.

4. Regularly check your battery when charging for signs of overheating. If your battery shows signs of overheating unplug from the mains and place the battery outside safe from other people.

5. Do not leave your battery on charge for long periods or overnight.

6. If you think you have a faulty battery contact The Vape Shop and do not use the battery in the meantime.