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Do E Cigarettes Cause Cancer?

The question of whether e cigarette cause cancer is a big one. To properly answer this question we need to look at why tobacco cigarettes kill by causing cancer and many other fatal illnesses.

Tobacco Cigarettes Toxic Cancer Causing Chemicals

In one tobacco cigarette there are over 4000 toxic chemicals including Arsenic and radioactive Polonium-210. It is this toxic cocktail of chemicals that cause tobacco smoke to be extremely carcinogenic. Tobacco cigarettes are the cause of more than 1 in 4 cancer deaths in the UK alone and tobacco cigarettes are recognised as the No1 cause of cancer in the world.

E Cigarettes – 4 Chemicals

While it is impossible to say that e cigarettes are completely safe, it is definitely realistic to say that an e cigarette is, by far, a safer alternative. The 4 chemicals contained in e liquid have been proven safe to consume by humans, however this is to eat them, and there are some concerns over the effect of these chemicals through inhaling them. This being said there are no reported illnesses or deaths related to the use of e cigarettes.


Because of the lack of long term research it is impossible to say categorically if e cigarettes could contribute to cancer. However what we can say is if you are a tobacco smoker by just looking at the two above examples it’s not rocket science to see that you would be seriously reducing your risk of cancer by switching over to an e cigarette from real tobacco cigarettes.