Vitamin E Acetate & EVALI Lung Disease

Vitamin e acetate & evali lung disease

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Why are Americans dying from Vitamin E Acetate & EVALI Lung Disease with over 2,807 hospitalized EVALI cases and around 39 deaths recorded as of February 2020 across 50 states in the US. The UK has only had one report of EVALI to the MHRA. Why the big difference?First of all it's important to no...

Coronavirus & Vape Industry

Coronavirus & vape industry

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With cases of the coronavirus increasing worldwide the impact is going to start hitting nearly all major industries, and eventually the consumer. China was first hit by the virus and as a result it's commercial industry stalled in the initial outbreak and spread. Now businesses throughout China’s ma...

Premium Quality E Juices

Premium quality e juices

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With over 600 perfectly blended premium e juice flavours it's easy to understand why The Vape Shop is one of the UK's No1 e liquid suppliers. We create our e liquids using a proven formula of technical know-how combined with a strong flavour skill set and because of this we're have built a strong re...

Latest Air Flow Tanks

Latest air flow tanks

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Airflow Technology - The Latest E Cig Feature The latest technology to arrive in the clearomizer tank market is the arrival of the adjustable ‘Air-Flow’ tanks which used to be only a feature on a very few large capacity (and costly) tanks such as the Kayfun Lite Plus and The Russian. Now however ...

Best Tobacco E Liquids & Best Tobac E Juice Flavours

Best tobacco e liquids & best tobac e juice flavours

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At The Vape Shop we offer one of the largest tobacco flavoured e liquid menus in the UK. Our range of tobac e juices has a flavour for every tobacco vaper out there. As with the real thing there are lots of variations of tobacco flavours from course tobaccos to smooth USA tobacs. Then there are flav...

The Vape Shop - Boscombe, BH1 4BH

The vape shop - boscombe, bh1 4bh

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The town of Boscombe is located on the south coast, just two miles from nearby Bournemouth. This once sleepy town has been transformed from what was once just another 1950s-style beach location to the now vibrant and exciting 21st-century area that is becoming increasingly popular with locals and vi...

Save Money - Repair That Leaking Tank

Save money - repair that leaking tank

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All over your cheeseburger, to all over your clothes in front of the colleague you’ve tried so hard to get the attention of – leaks can happen at the worst times. The vaping gods don’t care about your street cred or your love life, a leaking vape machine can strike at any moment.   When y...

The Rise Of The Mesh

The rise of the mesh

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A smoky haze has lifted from the vaping industry of late. Manufacturers of vaping devices are changing the way they make their products. Instead of incorporating the standard ohm coils that the industry has been plagued with for the last four years, they are now using mesh coils.   Plague...

Dessert E-Liquids – More Popular Than Ever!

Dessert e-liquids – more popular than ever!

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For many people, one of the best things about vaping is the opportunity to try a whole lot of new and exciting flavours every time they fire up their device. Back in the days of smoking, cigarettes only came with tobacco flavour – or possibly menthol. Vaping opens up a world of tastes, so it’s no wo...

Watching The Scene

Watching the scene

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Well we have come a long way since 2011. Since then I have watched as the vape industry has grown at a mind-boggling phenomenally fast rate. Initially the push-back by society, at first fighting against this new product and growing scene, and the fear-mongering seemed like it would almost crush the ...