Latest Air Flow Tanks

Latest air flow tanks

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Airflow Technology - The Latest E Cig Feature The latest technology to arrive in the clearomizer tank market is the arrival of the adjustable ‘Air-...

Best Tobacco E Liquids & Best Tobac E Juice Flavours

Best tobacco e liquids & best tobac e juice flavours

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At The Vape Shop we offer one of the largest tobacco flavoured e liquid menus in the UK. Our range of tobac e juices has a flavour for every tobacco v...

The Vape Shop - Boscombe, BH1 4BH

The vape shop - boscombe, bh1 4bh

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The town of Boscombe is located on the south coast, just two miles from nearby Bournemouth. This once sleepy town has been transformed from what was o...

Save Money - Repair That Leaking Tank

Save money - repair that leaking tank

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All over your cheeseburger, to all over your clothes in front of the colleague you’ve tried so hard to get the attention of – leaks can happen at the ...

The Rise Of The Mesh

The rise of the mesh

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A smoky haze has lifted from the vaping industry of late. Manufacturers of vaping devices are changing the way they make their products. Instead of in...

Dessert E-Liquids – More Popular Than Ever!

Dessert e-liquids – more popular than ever!

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For many people, one of the best things about vaping is the opportunity to try a whole lot of new and exciting flavours every time they fire up their ...

Watching The Scene

Watching the scene

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Well we have come a long way since 2011. Since then I have watched as the vape industry has grown at a mind-boggling phenomenally fast rate. Initially...

Top 10 Best E Liquid Review 2018 -2019

Top 10 best e liquid review 2018 -2019

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E liquid is a combination of various ingredients which include; water, propylene glycol,, nicotine, glycerine, and additives. It is often used in vapo...

The Top 5 Luxury E Liquid Brands In The World

The top 5 luxury e liquid brands in the world

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    If, like me, you love vaping and enjoy a quality e liquid that hits the spot simply from the smell, let alone the actual vaping, t...

Aspire Cleito 120 Review

Aspire cleito 120 review

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With its revolutionary and stylish new design, the Aspire Cleito 120 offers a well controlled air flow and highly efficient wicking even when used...