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How Do I Know When To Change My Clearomizer?

When should you change your clearomizer tank or replace the atomizer head? The easy answer to this is when it stops working! However if you want to experience the powerful fresh hit a new clearo tank produces then you might want to look at every 2 weeks.

This is one of the most common questions we get in The Vape Shop’s, new or inexperienced vapers want to know when to replace the clearomizer or how they know when to replace it. There are several ways to deduce when your clearo tank needs to be replaced and these are:

If you experience:

a) Burnt Taste
b) Difficult To Inhale
c) Doesn’t produce any vapour
e) Starts to leak

Generally speaking every atomizer will need replacing or re-building at some point, using the above points as a guide can help you understand when to replace them.


My e Liquid Turns Dark ?
Dosent matter, simply flush with fresh e liquid. E Liquid turns dark for a lot of reasons, the flavorings reacts to the heat of the atomizer, or the e liquid reacts to sunlight. However if you can still vape easily it doesn’t matter.