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BlackJack liquorice style e liquid is a mixture of licorice and with a sweet heady taste reminiscent of the old-style sweets we used to buy as kids. It will bring lovely memories flooding back with ea..

Creamy Crispies


Creamy Crispies flavoured UK e liquid is a yummy creamy sweet rice crispy cereal flavour, it's an amazing taste and vapes well at all PG/VG ratios... What Is Creamy Krispies Juice Like To Vape? ..

Grape Liquor


Grape Liquor e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a distinct blend of white grape, fruit punch, liquorice, subtle mint and menthol. It's a truly amazing vape full of dynamic fruity rich flavour thats acc..



Liquorice e liquid from The Vape Shop is a dark and slightly sweet liquorice that smacks of flavour and is definitely a strong distinct liquorice flavour that is not for the faint hearted. Its a rich ..

Red Liquorice


Red liquorice flavoured e liquid is a candy, and very slightly fruity, light liquorice flavour, it's ideal for vapers that don't like the heady darkness of original liquorice... What Is Red Liquori..

Root Beer


Root Beer e liquid blended with anise, sassafras root, liquorice and clove is a perfect root beer flavoured ejuice that is a deliciously spicy-sweet representation of the classic US soft dri..



Sarsaparilla flavoured UK e liquid is a blend of vanilla, caramel, wintergreen, and liquorice that produces a like for like sarsaparilla vape taste with great after flavour... What Is Sarsaparilla ..

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