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Apple, Cranberry & Pear Medley


Apple, Cranberry & Pear Medley flavoured UK e liquid is perfectly medley of apple, cranberry and pear that really works and produces a great fruity taste when vaping... What Is Apple, Cranberry..



Cranberry flavoured e liquid is a refreshing bitter sweet cranberry fruit flavour that is spot on. Its a lovely ripe sweet and slightly sour cranberries flavour. What Is Cranberry Juice Like To Vap..

Cranberry & Orange


Cranberry & Orange flavoured UK e liquid is an amazingly refreshing holiday fruit taste, blended together these two fruits really compliment each to produce an exciting and fresh vape... What I..

Lemon Cranberry


Lemon Cranberry e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of Sicilian lemon and ripe cranberries. This e juice is a fresh and flavourful vape with the cranberry and lemon melding perfectly and complim..

Pink Lemonade


Pink lemonade flavoured e liquid is an exquisite blend of lemonade, sweet raspberry and subtle cranberry. It's a luscious refreshing vape, the raspberry and cranberry is subtle and doesn’t overpower. ..



Rasple e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of red raspberries, cranberries and green apple. This juicy, fresh and fruity e juice have all three flavors mixed in an equal measure so each flavour ..

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