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Desert Tobacco


Desert tobacco flavoured e liquid is reminiscent of the popular French brand of cigarettes. it is a definite dry and course vape.  A very popular choice for vapers that prefer a dry medium tobacc..

Gold Virginia


Our flagship tobacco flavour Gold Virginia is one of the top sellers online and off-line as it matches closely the popular roll-your-own brand with a rich golden flavour that will astound you. A great..

Golden Brown


Golden Brown e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of golden tobacco, rich caramel and creamy butterscotch. This tobac e juice is a rich tobacco flavour with a smooth and sweet background from the..

Green Devil


Green Devil e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of golden tobacco, biscuit and green apple. The biscuit compliments the tobacco giving a richer, deeper and slightly sweet aspect while the green ..

Henry VIII


"Henry VIII is an exquisite tobacco flavour blended from fine dark heavy Virginian tobacco cultivated by northern Italy’s heavy soils. This roasted Virginia comes with subtle notes of other compliment..

Iced Tobacco


Iced tobacco e liquid produces a very cold sensation which blends perfectly to bring out the tobacco flavor without any mint/menthol flavor. The iced tobacco flavour really enhances the tobacco flavou..

Kentucky Red


Kentucky Red e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of golden tobacco and kentucky bourbon. This rich and slightly dark tobacco flavour has a great bourbon background taste with a hint of vanilla t..

King Arthur


King Arthur tobacco e liquid is a bold and decadent tobacco flavour that is simply amazing. It has been blended using some of the finest tobacco flavours and additional complementary flavours to produ..

Maximum Blend


Max Blend is the best (in our opinion) cigarette style flavoured e liquid and will astound you with its pleasant rich tobacco flavour, max blend offers plenty of throat hit and lots of thick vapour. M..

Mellow Dark


Mellow dark is an unsweetended raw tobacco flavour that is full of dark flavour. Mellow dark is not for the faint hearted as its a strong unsweetened tobacco and will produce a strong throat hit with ..

Morning Mist


Morning Mist tobacco flavoured e liquid is a fresh medium to strong tobacco with the slightest hint of mint. Because the subtle mint is only a hint it adds a certain brisk freshness to the tobacco fla..

Moroccan Nights


Moroccan Nights e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of golden tobacco, bourbon, red fruits, cola and lime. This is a wicked tobacco flavourful vape that's enhanced by the rich bourbon. The lime,..

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