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Blackcurrant E Liquids: The Quintessential Berry Experience

Delve into UK's Finest Selection of Blackcurrant E Juices

Blackcurrant E LiquidsIndulge in the rich and aromatic profile of our blackcurrant e liquid range. These meticulously crafted blends burst with the authentic taste of sun-ripened blackcurrants, offering a sweet and tangy vaping experience. For those who desire the essence of this luscious fruit berry juice, our blackcurrant e juices are a must-try. Proudly made in the UK, each bottle from our blackcurrant flavoured e liquids collection assures quality, providing a delectable blackcurrant escape with every inhale.
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Forest Fruits E Liquid


Indulge in the Juicy and Refreshing Taste of the Forest with Forest Fruits E-LiquidExperience the ju..

Loopy Fruits E-Liquid


Loopy Fruits is a special blend of flavours similar the famous ‘O’ ring fruit cereal. Sweet, fruity ..

Blackcurrant Menthol E Liquid


Refresh Your Taste Buds with Blackcurrant Menthol e-liquid by The Vape Shop!Introducing Blackcurrant..

Forest Fruits Cheesecake E Liquid


Experience Dessert Bliss with Forest Fruits Cheesecake E Liquid: A Berrylicious Treat!Deep in the he..



B-59 is a seriously lush blackcurrant and sweet-fruit twist, it's fresh, distinct and full of clean ..

Nightshade E-Liquid


Unveil the Mystique of Nightshade E-Liquid: A Fusion of Berry and Exotic Flavours!A Symphony of Enig..

Appberry E Liquid


Experience the perfect balance of sweet forest berries and crisp green apple with Appberry e-liquid ..

Red Cherry Fruit E-Liquid


Red Cherry Fruit is a blend of red cherries, summer fruits and forest berries. This fruity cherry fl..

Cherry Berry E Liquid


Juicy and Sweet: The Vape Shop's Cherry Berry E-Liquid is the Perfect Blend of Fruity FlavoursIntrod..

Chapple E Liquid


Unleash a Fruit Frenzy with Chapple E-liquidExpert ejuice flavourists, The Vape Shop, have crafted t..

Cherry Blade E Liquid


Indulge in the Perfect Blend of Sweet and Refreshing with Cherry Blade E-LiquidDiscover the perfect ..

Grape Berry E Liquid


The Vape Shop's Grape Berry E-Liquid - Experience the Ultimate Fruity Explosion!Experience the ultim..

Currant Shake E Liquid


Experience the Deliciousness of Currant Shake E-liquid by The Vape Shop!Get ready for a taste sensat..

Rasp Attack E-Liquid


Rasp Attack e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a wicked blend of ripe raspberries, blackcurrants, bla..

Berry Heaven E Liquid


Experience Berry Heaven - A Delicious Fusion of Raspberry, Blackcurrants, Blackberries and Green App..

Raspberry Juice E-Liquid


Raspberry Juice e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of ripe raspberry, cherry and blackcurrant..

Red Lime E-Liquid


Red Lime e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of ripe raspberry, sweet blackcurrant and lime. T..

Strawcurrant E-Liquid


Strawcurrant e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of strawberry and ripe blackcurrants. This e ..

Black Candy E Liquid


Satisfy your sweet cravings with Black Candy e-liquid - the ultimate blend of ripe blackcurrants and..

Oberon E-Liquid


Embark on a Berry Bliss with Oberon E-Liquid - A Creamy Dream Concocted by The Vape Shop's Artisans!..

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