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eCig Reviews 2014

Best Top 5 Electronic Cigarette Device Review 2014
Below is the definitive best top 5 performing electronic cigarette devices for 2014. This review is based on standard product reviewing guidelines and offers an independent review of the 2014 top performing ecigarettes. This impartial review takes into account, build, user feedback, functionality and performance. This review does not cover mechanical mods!


Power Review - Top 5 Electronic Cigarettes For Power

1. iTatse 134
As power gower goes for a non-mechanical mod electronic cigarette you cannot get better than the iTatse 134. With a microprocessor-controlled Variable Wattage that goes from 6.5 to 12.5 Watts adjustable by using a funky rotational dial which allows the user to adjust the Watts in increments of .5w. The 134 can take anything from standard tanks right up to the Nautilus and self build Kayfun’s.

2. iTaste VTR
Second on our top 5 most powerful ecigarette devices for 2014 is the renowned itaste VTR. This heavy robust and uniquely styled ecig offers both variable voltage (3-6 volts) and variable wattage (3-15 watts). Suitable for nearly all high end atomizers and clearomizers including self build’s.  The VTR delivers a powerful vape and comes with the iClear 30s clearomizer as standard, it also has an add-on neck column to adapt it for the use of standard 510 clearomizers like CE4’s, CE5’s and CE6’s.

3. 1100mAh CE6 Twist
One of the popular EGO Twist’s sit at the No3 most powerful electronic cigarettes. The 1100mAH CE6 Twist offers a whack of power through the slim long battery with a bottom twist ranging from 3.3 - 4.8 volts. Good for all basic clearomizers and atty’s and good for most of the mid range tanks such as T3S, Vivi Nova, MT3’s etc.

4. NFire 2
The NFire 2 comes with a unique carved battery that has a 1300mAH capacity and includes a twist-ring at the bottom of the battery to change from 3.3-4.8 volts). The NFire 2 is great for mid to top end performing clearomizers and atty’s. Great feel and superb power delivery for a non-mod ecigarette.

5. iTaste VV 3.0
The VV 3.0 iTaste sits at No 5 in the top performing ecigarette review for 2014. It has a Variable Voltage feature (3-5 volts) and a Variable Wattage feature ( 3-12 watts). The VV 3.0 comes with a 800mAH battery as standard, which is a pass-through, and 5 x iClear 16 dual coil clearomizers will delivery a very suitably strong vape, users can adjust the level of power through using the VV or VW feature.

Battery Life Review - Top 5 Electronic Cigarettes For Battery Life

1. iTatse MVP
The MVP is definitely our choice for best electronic cigarette with long lasting battery life. The MVP is really a all-purpose battery which can easily last 3-4 days before you need to recharge it. We understand its not the most elegant ecigarette on the market with its square box design but boy does it take the biscuit when it comes to battery life and performance. It also houses a USB slot that can allow you to charge your mobile phones, MP3 players and more from the battery. Features include Variable Voltage and Variable wattage.

2. iTaste VTR
Second on our top 5 long lasting battery ecigarette devices for 2014 is the iTaste VTR. The VTR is the upgrade on the MVP and houses a 18650 battery which is a 2500mAH. This means this device will last 3-4 days before a recharge will be needed. A heavy weighted ecigarette the VTR at the No2 when it comes to battery life.

3. Innokin SVD
The Innokin SVD houses an 18650 2500mAH battery which
offers long lasting performance over days. The SVD is very similar in battery life to the iTaste VTR and will allow you to vape continuously for at least 2-4 days without the need to recharge. The SVD also allows you to adjust the voltage and the wattage.

4. 1100mAh Twist
At No 4 in the long life electronic cigarette battery review 2014 is the standard 510 threaded 1100mAH Twist battery which under performs the MVP, VTR and SVD by a long way yet still offers a long-lasting performance that is adequate from a battery that still feels inconspicuous. More powerful than the small 650 and 900mAH 510 batteries the 1100 will offer a good 1.5 to 2 days before a recharge is required.

5. iTaste 134
The iTaste 134 comes in at No 5 in our battery life review, whilst it takes an 18650 2500mAH battery we have found that the battery life dwindles more quickly than any of the above so the 134 comes in at No 5 and the life of the battery will generally last around 1.5 to 2 days under normal use.

 Clearomizer Tank Review - 2014


No 1 – KangerTech AeroTank
The KangerTech AeroTank is in our opinion the very best performing clearomizer style unit on the market and easily copes with 6 watts right through to 15 watts. In fact rather than lessen the vape quality on the higher wattage it actually produces a better vape squeezing all it can get out of eh e liquid flavour but without any burnt taste whatsoever. It will hold 2.5ml of e liquid and is designed with a bottom coil feeder which KangerTech specialises in. The Aerotank simply outdoes the Kayfun Lite Plus hands down in its simplicity, its performance and its ongoing maintenance.

No 2 – Aspire Nautilus
The Nautilus is another large capacity clearomizer tank allowing for 5ml of e liquid. Made by Aspire which has carved out a name of quality and performance in the electronic cigarette industry the Nautilus offers a great vape with innocent flavour and maximum vapour production, One of the cool features about the Nautilus is that it comes with an air vent ring that allows you to adjust the airflow in increments of .5, this allows you to adjust the intake of air and make for a more mellow vape. All in all the Nautilus offers a very strong performance and sits at the No 2 spot for best clearomizers however you will need a couple of runs with this atomizer before it reaches its peak performance.

No 3 – Innokin iClear 30s
The Innokin iClear30 is best operated between 4 – 4.4 volts for best performance and although it doesn’t operate brilliantly on higher voltage settings you will find that the iClear 30s offers an outstanding vape with mad amounts of vapour and pure flavour vaping at 4-4.4 volts. It produces its brilliant vape using 16 wicks fed through twin atomizer coils that are arranged one above the other. A 3ml e liquid capacity and swivelling mouthpiece will keep you happily vaping enjoying a strong vape with plenty of vapour.

No 4 – Kangertech Mini Pro Tank 3
The Mini pro Tank 3 from KangerTech is the latest in their mini pro tank range and the ‘3’ is one of the best so far. Its smart, solid and totally reliable. Known for their solid build and reliability KangerTech has put all its experience into the mini pro tank 3. It give a superb vape for the price and provides a consistent hit right up to the end with a high consistent quality in vape hit, vapour production and longevity.

No 5 – KangerTech T3S
The KangerTech T3S is one of the best performing basic to mid range clearomizers and operates with a bottom coil feeder which produces a great throat hit, plenty of vapour and best operated around 3.8 to 4.4 volts. If you have been using CE4’s, CE5’s or CE6’s or the like then you will love the KangerTech T3S it will simply blow your mind with a definite clear and crisp vape that just keepd going. In our opinion you can’t go wrong with a T3S.