Praline e liquid by The Vape Shop is based on the confection made from nuts, sugar and cream. Praline, first made in France in the 16th century has a taste that best describe like caramel, nutty, sweet and with a very, very subtle hint of chocolate. It's a common confectionery in candy shops and chocolate selection boxes.

About Our Praline E Liquids

We only use the finest flavourings to produce our praline e juices ensuring a like-for-like match with the real sweet. Whether you choose to vape praline vape liquid as a standalone flavour or choose from one of our many multi-flavoured e liquids that have praline as a complementary ingredient we offer a wide variety of praline vape liquids below for you to choose from.

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Hazelnut Praline


Hazelnut praline flavoured e liquid is one of the most yummy nutty hazelnut, sweet, buttery and creamy praline vape experiences ever. Hazelnut praline e juice is simply divine at all PG/VG ratios... ..

Pralines & Cream


Pralines & cream flavoured e liquid is an exquisite blend of pralines, cream and caramel, it's a sweet and rich nutty vape that is simply lovely... WHAT IS PRALINES & CREAM E JUICE LIKE TO ..



Snikkerz flavoured flavoured UK e liquid is a blend of roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel and milk chocolate that mimics the famous chocolate bar perfectly. It a delicious vape and stands out from other..

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