Basic Vape Kits

If you are starting out vaping or a light smoker then a basic electronic cigarette vape kit will suit suit. Basic, cheap or standard vape kits are usually non sub ohm (don't use the thicker e liquid) and come with lower powered batteries than the high-end box mod style. A cheap basic vape kit is ideal for finding out if you take to vaping or not without spending a huge amount of money. They can be a stepping stone into vaping or a long lasting device. Below are a selection of basic e cigarette kits to choose from.

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Aspire K2 Kit


The new K2 kit from Aspire is an excellent kit for mid-range vapers and those looking to start vaping with its 800mAH battery and well proven K2 tank this kit is a great buy. Aspire is one of the lead..

Innokin Endura T18E


The Innokin Endura T18E is simplicity and performance packed into a vape pen. With a very decent 1000mAH battery and the Prism coil in the T18E 2ml tank this ecig is an ideal starter kit for anyone wh..

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