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Cough Candy


Cough Candy is an exact match for the real sweets but in an e liquid. Cough candy e liquid is a perfect vape for hot and cold days and certainly offers a very refreshing an spicy vape as well as a dec..

Dr Pop


Dr Pop flavoured e liquid is a sweet and exciting zesty flavour like the popular USA drink, it's a spicy, sweet soda that is very popular amongst vapers What Is Dr Pop Juice Like To Vape? When y..

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Eggnog e liquid is an all year round vape not just for Christmas! Sweet creamy and spicy milk this flavour is perfect match for the real thing inspiring great memories while producing a decadent satis..

Iron Brew


Iron Brew flavoured UK e liquid, all the flavour of the famous Scottish drink in e liquid form, full of orange fizz this sweet soda will make your taste buds want to climb the ‘Girders’... What Is ..

Jim Spice


Jim Spice is a new warm vape sensation made with a variety of spice, fruit and sweet flavours. It’s a wicked vape and a unique vape. Jim Spice is ideal for any vapers that like a certain spicy twist t..

Moshiano Wow


Moshiano chocolate latte coffee e liquid is a rich blend of Latte with subtle undertones of chocolate and spice. The result is a superior unique tasting coffee e liquid blended to tantalise and s..

Red Blitzer WoW


Red Blitzer e liquid is a unique special blend of blue raspberry, sweet candy, apple and sweet spice. A complex, but brilliant, vape that will excite your taste buds with every vape. WHAT IS RED BL..

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