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Caribbean Crush


Our Caribbean Crush flavoured UK e liquid tastes just like tropical paradise, like kicking back on the beach, it's a tropical fruit and zany flavour that will delight you with each vape, a truly lovel..

Dragon Fruit


Dragon Fruit flavoured e liquid, dragon fruit tastes like a mix between a peach, pear and kiwi. It's actually a really nice fruity vape that has a distinct flavour... What Is Dragon Fruit Juice Lik..

Dragon Juice


Dragon Juice flavoured e liquid is an exquisite blend of dragon’s blood. Dragon fruit, blackcurrant, pomegranate, cherry and peach. Absolutely yummy to vape What Is Dragon Juice Like To Vape? Dr..

Dragon Shake


Dragon Shake e liquid by The Vape Shop is a blend of dragon fruit, vanilla bean, dairy milk and sweet cream. This milkshake lights up the taste buds when you inhale with the distinct ripe dragon fruit..

Dragon Soda


Dragon Soda e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of lemon, lime, soda, orange, raspberry and dragon fruit. This e juice is a soda based vaper liquid full of citrus, sweet and tropical fruit. The ..

Fruity Nova


Fruity Nova e liquid is delightful mix of sweet red strawberries, banana and dragon fruit underpinned with a citrus vanilla. A sumptuous fruity sensation that will satisfy any fruit e liquid..



Recoil e liquid is a perfedct blend of dragon fruit, vanilla, cheesecake, butterscotch and subtle mint. Its a complex, but brilliant, flavourful vape  ... WHAT IS RECOIL E JUICE LIKE TO VAPE? ..

White Dragon


White Dragon made by The Vape Shop is an exciting blend of white grapes, ripe dragon fruit and subtle aniseed and menthol. The grape and dragon fruit work really well and both are complemented and acc..

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