Pa Baker Range

Pa Baker Range

Pa Baker is a range of fine-dining style French e liquids made exclusively for The Vape Shop, these exciting and new rich e liquid flavours raise the bar when it comes to full flavour body, deep rich vape and sublime aftertaste. Pa Baker has made the below e liquid flavours exclusively for The Vape Shop and you won’t find them anywhere else. You have to try them to experience their exquisite perfection and French twist. 

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Pa Baker Original

Pa Baker Original is a lush blend of white fruit, vanilla cream cheesecake crust. This a truly decad.....


Pa Baker Chaleur

Pa Baker Chaleur is a blend of ripe berries, vanilla, pear, cherries, subtle anise and biscuit and i.....


Pa Baker Framboise

Pa Baker Framboise is another startlingly great recipe from Pa Baker which uses a sweet raspberry un.....


Pa Baker Le Beurre

Pa Baker Le Beurre is a rich butterscotch smothering a rich new york cheesecake. The flavour is a cr.....


E-liquids: PA Baker Range

Are you tired of traditional flavoured e-liquids? Perhaps you’re looking for something a bit different? Our Pa Baker range is exclusive to The Vape Shop and we guarantee you won’t find any other flavours quite like them. These are exclusive e-liquids that you cannot buy anywhere else on the market, ideal for vaping connoisseurs looking for a slightly more sophisticated vaping experience.


Who are Pa Baker?

PA Baker describe themselves as the “Gordon Ramsay” of e-liquid flavour creations. They have created some of the most popular e-liquids on the market and yet maintain a unique position within the industry as they refuse to sell their creations to the public. Instead, PA Baker provide companies such as ourselves with their unique blend of flavourings to market under our own brand. We currently have four e-liquids in our PA Baker range; all centred around French dessert based flavours:

Original - A dark and creamy dessert flavour e-liquid with a hint of fruit, berries and a subtle trace of French vanilla.

Chaleur - A complex blend that is rich dark and fruity

Frambiose - A sweet raspberry and vanilla mix combined with our unique PA Baker flavour

Le Beurre - A creamy coconut blend with a buttery, chocolate finish

You can read more in-depth descriptions of all the e-liquids in our delicious PA Baker range at


What is a gourmet flavour E-liquid?

The term ‘gourmet flavour’ is usually used to describe a non-ordinary or more sophisticated e-liquid blend. Whilst anyone can create their own e-liquids by mixing standard flavourings with PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycol), gourmet flavours take this to a whole new level. To produce these selected flavours, companies regularly use pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and even employ ‘mixologists’.

Gourmet flavours are usually favoured by long term vape enthusiasts who having tried most other flavours out there, are looking for something new and exciting.


Where does the notion of a gourmet flavour come from?

Some foods that are quite expensive and can usually only be afforded by well off individuals are seen as being more exclusive than others. These are normally described as gourmet foods. However, the term isn’t just based on price. Gourmet food can also refer to food that contains ingredients of a very high quality, or that is presented in a unique and special way. These foods often have very distinctive flavours that are said to appeal to a sophisticated palate. A lot of gourmet foods tend to also be very rich in flavour and feature a heavy amount of wine or cream. French cuisine is a good example of a gourmet food as a lot of it is prepared using very rich sauces and complicated cooking techniques.

The word gourmet itself comes from the French term for a wine broker or “taste-vin” -employed by a wine dealer.  According to an 18th century French dictionary, the Dictionnaire de Trevoux; "A good gourmet" should appeal to a “le gout friand" (refined palate) and the pleasure should also be visual.