MS1 E liquid

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MS1 flavoured e liquid is a complex blend of new york cheeseca....

MS1 E liquid

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MS1 flavoured e liquid is a complex blend of new york cheesecake, sweet cream, vanilla bean, custard, strawberry and butterscotch and its absolutely lovely.


Vaping this e juice will send your taste buds into a spin with the colourful array of flavours fighting for dominance. The main flavour of strawberry over arches the other flavours as you inhale and then the background flavours reveal themselves coating the strawberry in a vanilla creamy fest. You may find yourself holding the draw in your mouth longer than usual as your mouth bathes in the flavours. The exhale is just as strong as the inhale and aroma produced by the exhaled vapour is a sweet fruity one.

MS1 E Liquid - Guide & Warnings
When buying MS1 e liquid you need to be aware of several facts as most MS1 flavoured e liquid sold contains nicotine which is a drug. If you would like to know more about the chemicals contained in e liquid vs tobacco click here… Alternatively for more information about nicotine eliquid warnings click here

Important Information About This Flavoured E Liquid
At The Vape Shop all our e liquids DO NOT contain: - Diacetyl, Acetoin, or Acetyl Propionyl, refined sugars, protein, genetically modified ingredients, animal ingredients of any kind, preservatives, sweeteners, or colours.

Is Vaping MS1 Is Vegan eJuice Vegetarian Safe?
As a quality UK vape liquid manufacturer we make sure that all our sweet vape liquids are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, and vegans. You can rest assured when purchasing this e liquid flavour that it contains only the purest ingredients. 


MS1 E Liquid

Different ways to buy MS1 e juice...

You can get our MS1 liquid in 3 bottle sizes, 4 mix ratios and 11 nic strengths:

Size Options - 10ml, 30ml or 120ml
Mix Ratios - 80PG/20VG, 70PG30VG, 50PG/50VG and 30PG/70VG.

Nic Strengths - 0mg to 18mg.

Shipping & Delivery Information
All orders placed before 12pm Mon to Fri are sent out first class signed for with tracking number.


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