Medium tobacco e liquid created by The Vape Shop is created using flavourings that combine both smooth and course tobacco leaf aspects to produce a medium roast flavour to the tobacco vape experience. This type of tobacco is favoured by vapers that used to enjoy the popular rolling tobacco brands and the more expensive tailor-made cigarette brands.

About Our Medium Roast Tobacco E Liquids

When blending our medium roast tobacco e juice we aim for the roasted sun drenched tobacco leaf flavour that is associated with this type of dried leaf. Slightly stronger with a little more coarseness than smooth tobacco like Virginia leaf flavour for example. This type of vape liquid will satisfy most vapers that require a little more kick from the tobacco vapes.

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Moroccan Nights


Moroccan Nights e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of golden tobacco, bourbon, red fruits, cola and lime. This is a wicked tobacco flavourful vape that's enhanced by the rich bourbon. The lime,..

Norwegian Wood


Norwegian Wood e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of honey roasted golden tobacco and apple. This e juice is a delicious tasting tobacco vape with the green apple flavour perfectly accentuating..

Red Line


Red Line tobacco e liquid is a seriously smooth and rich tobacco flavour blended using American tobacco flavours to produce a simply stunning US style smooth e liquid that produces plenty of vapour wi..



RY4 is another very popular tobacco eliquid flavour, mixed with special ingredients to create a sensational tobacco vape experience with the slight hint of sweetness and nuttiness in the backgrou..

Spice Tobac


Spice Tobac e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of golden tobacco, caramel and cinnamon. This tobac e juice is made from roasted golden virginia tobacco accentuated by the spicy cinnamon which d..

Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco


  Vanilla Bourbon Flavours: Virginia, Mixed Leaf Tobac, Vanilla, Bourbon     Vanilla Bourbon Tobacco e liquid really is a great tobacco flavour blended with dark vanilla bou..

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