Plum e liquid by The Vape Shop is based on the small round and red/purple fruit. Plums are one of the first fruits to be domesticated by humans and there are two main types; Japanese plums (El Dorado’s) and European plums (Moyer plums). There taste can be anywhere from sour to sweet depending on the type and ripeness.

About Our Plum E Liquids

We use only the finest like-for-like flavouring to create all our plum e juices. This heady sour-sweet fruit flavour will satisfy any plum loving vaper out there. You can choose to try our standalone plum e juice or select from many of the multi-flavoured e juices that have plum as a secondary or background flavour from the range below.

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Plum & Cherry Crumble


Our Plum & Cherry Crumble flavoured e liquid is a classic yummy plum crumble with a cherry twist, the added sweet cherry flavour really blends well and makes this a super dessert yummy e juice fla..



Plumberry e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of ripe plum, lemonade, raspberry and pink grapefruit. All the flavours in this e juice combine to create unique, fruity and zesty vape. A lovely fr..

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