Mandarin e liquid from The Vape Shop is based on the juicy small flattened orange style fruit. This small orange first appeared in the UK in 1805 from China and then spread to Europe and the Americas after that. Known for its small size and loose skin this type of sweeter orange is very popular worldwide. There are a few main varieties of mandarins such as Clementine’s, Tangerines and Satsuma.

About Our Clementine Mandarin E Liquids

All our mandarin e juices use the finest clementine mandarin flavouring to produce the sweet, juicy and sour-free flavours associated with the clementine mandarin. If you buy mandarin as a standalone e juice flavour it will fulfill your sweet orange flavour needs. We also use mandarin as a secondary sweet fruit ingredient as it accentuates and compliments other e liquid flavours.

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Mandarin is an original and natural slighlty sweet Mandarin, a definite match to the real mandarin fruit. Our mandarin flavour is an exotic rich tangerine-style flavour that is bursting with mandarin ..

Mandarin Cake


Mandarin Cake e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of sweet mandarin, vanilla and cheesecake. It's a lovely fresh orange style cheesecake. The sweet mandaring enhances and accentuates the vanilla..

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