Lychee e liquids based on the oriental and Australian grown lychee fruit offer a tangy, citrus, sweet flavour like a mix between a strawberry and a watermelon with a hint of rose water. The lychee is a small round tropical fruit originating from China and now also cultivated in Australia with popular varieties such as Kwai May Pink, Bengal, Fay Zee Siu, Tai So, Salathiel, Wai Chee and Souey Tung.

About Our Lychee E Liquids

Our lychee flavoured e juices use the finest flavouring to match exactly the flavour and taste of the real fruit. Vaping a lychee e juice has a delicate slightly sour sweet fruity taste on inhale and exhale. Browse through our wide range of lychee flavoured juices below to get the right one for you.

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Tropical Candy


Tropical Candy e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a blend of sweet candy, tropical fruit and subtle menthol. This tropical candy e juice flavour is complemented and accentuated by the subtle background..

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