Bilberry e liquids from The Vape Shop are based upon the British bilberry that is grown in the north of the UK as they are some of the sweetest and best tasting bilberries in the world. Slightly smaller than a blueberry but more intense in flavour the bilberries acidic tart and sweetness make it great for jams, jellies and fruit foods. 

About Our Bilberry E Liquids

Whether you choose our pure bilberry (only) e liquid of opt for a blended e juice that has bilberry as a secondary ingredient to compliment the recipe you won't be disappointed. If you like fruits that are not too sweet but have a strong flavour then choosing a bilberry e juice might be for you. 

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Bilberry flavoured UK e liquid is a tart, jammy, very dark blueberry taste, it's a distinct and flavourful vape, bilberry e juice is a lovely fruity vape that's not to sweet... What Is Bilberry E J..

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