Sweet pie e liquid produced by The Vape Shop is created by using the finest flavourings to produce a like-for-like match with the real dessert pie flavour. The history of sweet pie goes back to ancient times with the flat, round crusty cakes called galettes found as early as 1304BC in a Pharaoh’s tomb. Today sweet pie is generally made from sweet pastry dough shaped into a casing with a fruit or sweet filling.

About Our Sweet Pie E Liquids

This sugary, sweet, pastry pie flavour is great in a vape liquid as a pudding and dessert style flavour. Whether its apple pie,  blueberry pie, key lime pie or other sweet and fruit pie e juice flavour - you are sure to find the right for you below.

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Alabama Pie


One thing the US is famous for is the good old ‘Apple Pie’. Alabama Pie is a secret blend of flavours that create the perfect USA apple pie e liquid flavour. It clean, crisp and precise and will leave..

Blueberry Pie


Blueberry Pie e liquid by The Vape Shop is a blend of ripe blueberries, green apple and sweet pastry crust and it tastes amazing. All the flavours are blended at equal strength so you get a full flavo..

Key Lime Pie


Key lime pie flavoured e liquid is a delightful blend of lime and fluffy meringue flavour with a subtle undertone of crusty pie base which make this key lime pie absolutely lovely to vape...... Wha..

Space Crime


Space Crime e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a delicious blend of apple pie, cinnamon and vanilla ice cream. This e juice flavour is a real dessert treat of a vape. The apple pie with a hint of cinna..

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