Peanut Butter

Peanut butter e liquid produce by The Vape Shop offers the same creamy, sweet and roasted peanut taste associated with this dessert treat. The first appearance of peanut butter has been dated back to the 1850's and since then this buttery and nutty paste treat has grown from strength to strength.

About Our Peanut Butter E Liquid

Because of the sweet nuttiness with a creamy taste peanut butter e juice is a favourite among dessert and sweet course vapers. We offer a wide range of peanut butter vape juices from standalone straight peanut butter or multi-flavoured e liquids that have this flavour as an added complimentary ingredient that adds a creamy, nutty addition to the whole vape experience.

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Banana Butter


Banana Butter e liquid made by The Vape Shop is a great blend of ripe banana, peanut butter and rich caramel. This sumptuous e juice is a banana, caramel and peanut butter sensation to vape.   ..

Blue Dessert


Blue Dessert e liquid is a complex mix of blueberry, cheesecake, sweet cream, vanilla, peanut butter and hazelnuts. This delicious dessert style flavour abounds in creamy, nutty and blueberry goodness..

Butternut Me


Butternut Me is a smooth, creamy variation of peanut butter blended to provide a top notch flavour that has a definite taste all throughout the vape, inhalation and exhalation. It’s a nutty, sweet cre..



Vanarama e liquid is a lush blend of vanilla, peanut butter, ice cream and bananas. This complex but lush flavour is fantastic. At the forefront banana and vanilla and in the background the peanut but..

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