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How Long Do Clearomisers / Tanks / Atomizers Last For?

A very common question is about the life span of clearomizers / tanks. There is a lot of confusion out there especially about how long a clearomizer tank lasts. The answer to this question really depends on two aspects:

1. What type of clearomizer you are using
2. How you vape

​For example if you purchase a standard CE4 clearomizer tank you should expect to get around 3 weeks of decent working life out of this tank. However if you using a high voltage battery and smashing the CE4 with 4 volts upwards then you are likely to burn out the internal atomizer of the CE4 within a week or two.

Some vendors will state that their CE4 clearomizer tanks will last 2-4 months! This might be true is you are a very light vaper using a 350mAH battery however the general understanding in the industry of the CE4 lifespan is around 3 weeks.

Below is a rough guide to clearomizer life span...

Basic Clearomisers Lifespan = 3 Weeks
Basic clearomizers like CE4, CE5 and CE6 for example will last around 3 weeks before you will need to replace them.

Mid Ranged Clearomizer Lifespan = 4-5 Weeks
Mid ranged clearomizers will generally last around 4-5 weeks of average vaping.

High Performance Clearomizers Lifespan = 5-8 Weeks
if you purchase one of the high performance clearomizers you can expect get around 5-8 weeks of average vaping before you need to change the internal atomizer head.