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Why Do I Get A Burnt Taste From My Clearomizer?

A common question asked when using a basic ranged clearomizer such as the CE4 or CE5 is one about getting a ‘burnt taste’. Why does this happen and can it be fixed? Well there are several reasons your clearomizer will present a burnt taste when inhaling and these are:

1. Its Failed
2. Too Much Power
3. Coil Overheating

Burnt Taste From A Failed Clearomizer
When a clearomizer has come to the end of its lifespan which can be anywhere between 2-3 weeks it will start to fail and signs of failure can be; a burnt taste, reduced power or completely dead. A general rule of thumb is if you have had your clearomizer from around 3 weeks and it starts to present a burnt taste then its a sure sign it's on its way out and you need to buy another one.

Too Much Power can Create A Burnt Taste
Basic clearomizers are generally made to run on low powered batteries like the EGO 350 - 650mAH and around 3.3 volts is the optimum power output. If you have a new tank and it starts to present a burnt taste right away then you might be putting too much power through the unit therefore overheating the atomizer coil inside the clearomizer. This generally happens when you are using a variable voltage battery with the voltage turned up to 4 volts and above or if you are using a high output battery like a 1300mAH.

Overheating The Clearomizer Coil
One last reason you are getting burnt taste from your clearomizer unit might be because you are overusing it! If you are one of those vapers that like to get multiple draws in one go by constantly pressing the battery power button to get multiple hits you may be overheating your coil. Each time to press the battery button this sends power to the clearomizer coil unit forcing it to vaporize the e liquid, when it does this it obviously heats up, however if you keep pressing the battery button to get quick hits you are not allowing any time for the atomizer coil to cool down which may result in overheating and a burnt taste.