Why Harsh Regulation Could Kill Millions

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​In 2016 the MHRA has stated it will pass a law that will make all electronic cigarette devices and e liquid a medicine making it illegal for unlicensed vendors to sell e cigarettes. How this will affect the market and current vapers is unknown with lots of questions about where a vaper might need to go to acquire a new e cigarette etc. Currently the World Health Organisation (WHO) is formulating a letter to be sent to all governments with recommendations about regulation and control of electronic cigarettes.

2,000,000 UK E Cigarette Users

Too harsh a regulation / control, if made, could kill millions literally! As nearly 2,000,000 vapers (e cig users) in the UK, (and this number is growing fast), have now switched over to this safer alternative with many of these ex-tobacco smokers claim to feel healthier with more energy and enjoying all the other benefits such as lack of odours and lack of expense associated with tobacco cigarettes. 

There are now many organisations, scientists and doctors supporting the sale of and non-regulation of e cigarettes. In a recent letter signed by more than 50 researchers and public health specialists urging the World Health Organisation (WHO) to “resist the urge to control and suppress electronic cigarettes”. The WHO said it was still deciding what recommendations to make to governments.

There are many facts that the WHO may keep in mind before making the regulation, if electronic cigarettes get banned or suppressed, the current vapers (users of e cigarettes) might switch back to tobacco-cigarettes putting their life in serious jeopardy. 

Reduced E Cig Device Supply & More Chemicals in E Liquid

Already in the UK under the new legislation proposed by the MHRA it is thought that vapers would only be able to get an electronic cigarette with e liquid from a pharmacist and the type of e cigarette device would be severely limited, the e liquid flavours used in the e cig would be reduced and made to include MORE chemicals than it currently does which common sense tells us that more chemicals equals more risk.



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