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Why Choose Nic-Salt?

The Vape Shop is pleased to announce a new range of Nic-Salt in 50PG/50VG and 70PG/30VG mix ratios with all 600 e juice flavours. To select Nic-Salt with your e-liquid, decide whether you want 50/50 or 70/30 from the drop-down list and then choose your Nic strength. 

Nic Salt B (Nicotine Benzoate)

At The Vape Shop, we have opted for Nic-Salt B (Nicotine Benzoate) as it’s the best type of Nic-Salt for reducing or neutralising the taste/harshness of the nicotine. Nic-Salt B has a practically neutral pH (around 6.5), which means it offers a really silky smooth vape experience. In tests, Nic-Salt B has shown to provide the best in taste, reduction of throat irritation, and nicotine stability maintenance, making it one of the primary and preferred salts for e-liquids.

Why Should I Use Nic-Salt?

If you are a non-sub-ohm vaper, there are three main reasons you would choose to use one of the three types Nic-Salts instead of the traditional distilled nicotine that is generally used. People that vape between 10-40 Watts should consider switching to Nic-Salts, especially if they prefer a smoother vape.

Reason 1 For Using Nic SaltReason One – No Harshness 

Nic-Salts drastically reduces the harshness caused by the regular distilled nicotine. The higher the nicotine level, the more harshness there is when you vape, causing some people to cough. Because of the reduced PH levels of Nic-Salt, the vape is really smooth, even at high nicotine levels. If you want a smooth vape without the harshness, you should choose Nic-Salt as your go-to e-liquid mix.



Reason 2 For Using Nic SaltReason Two – Faster Nic Absorption

Like actual cigarettes, the nicotine hit from Nic-Salts is instantaneous. Nic-Salt, because of it’s lower PH, is absorbed instantly into the bloodstream. Meaning you experience the alleviation of any nicotine cravings as soon as you take your first vape. This means that you require less e-liquid to satisfy you making it a more affordable option than using traditional freebase nicotine e-liquid.



Reason 3 For Using Nic SaltReason Three – More Powerful Nic Hit

One of the main benefits of using Nic-Salts that most vapers like is that you get MORE nicotine with each vape than you would by using traditional e-liquid nicotine. Because Nic-Salt is easier for the body to absorb, the percentage of nicotine from each vape is higher than e liquids using standard freebase nicotine e-liquid. For example, if you are used to using 5mg nicotine strength in regular e-liquid and then switch to 5mg using Nic-Salts, you will experience a more potent nicotine hit as more of the 5mg is absorbed vaping with Nic-Salt. This means that you can save money and e-liquid by vaping less to get your nicotine craving sated.

Nicotine Absorption Level Diagram

Below is a diagram to show the level of nicotine within the blood produced by traditional tobacco cigarettes (including roll-ups), standard nicotine e-liquid and Nic-Salt e-liquid. The graph clearly shows the nicotine absorption from Nic-Salt e-liquid nearly matches that of the traditional cigarette and far surpasses typical freebase nicotine e-liquid.

Nicotine Level Diagram

As you can see in the diagram, the nicotine level absorbed into the blood and body using Nic-Salts e-liquid is a lot higher than standard e-liquids. This means you will be using less e-liquid, saving you money. Originally Nic-Salts became popular for small, low-powered pod systems and enabled high nicotine use without the harshness and without requiring a powerful large vape device. Now Nic-Salts is available in all our e-liquid range and can be used in all devices that operate between 10-40 watts.

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