Where Can You Vape?

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Despite the ongoing debate on whether it is actually better for you than traditional smoking or not, the ever growing e-cig business is currently valued at over £1.76bn, with 2.1 million users in the UK alone.  Yet, one question remains unclear - where exactly are you allowed to use them? Legally speaking you can vape anywhere. E-cigarettes emit a water vapour that can contain PG and/or VG, this is prduced through heating up the e liquid via the e cig atomizer and which then produces the vapour.  The lack of carbon monoxide, odour or fire means it is not a hazard, drug or any kind of banned substance.  But, much like smoking cigarettes, there are different restrictions on where you can and cannot use your vaporizer or mod although technically you'd only be breaking company policy, not than the law.  

The vaping bans have caused some controversy.  In most cases, they are not to do with health or legal concerns, but on the belief that other people will mistake them for authentic cigarettes and feel it's acceptable to light up themselves, although as vaporizers and mods take on increasingly un-cigarette like looks this seems to be a shaky argument at best.

Public transport

Generally, it is a no, no.  

Bus companies such as National Express Coaches won't permit vaping on any service. The majority of rail companies including Network Rail won't allow it either and neither will the London Underground.  

Generally speaking, vaping is banned on most flights and in fact, some countries' laws have banned them even being in your checked baggage as the batteries pose a fire risk.  

E-cigarettes are strictly forbidden on board all Easyjet, British Airways, Virgin Airlines, and KLM flights.  Ryanair, doesn't allow e-cigarettes on board but it does sell its own "smokeless" cigarettes, which aren't electronic and work like nicotine inhalers.  

Sports stadiums

Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United are among the big name clubs who have banned vaping in their stadiums, but some clubs such as Burnley have designated "vape friendly" zones and sponsorship deals with vaping companies so it really does depend on who you support.


In England, there's no blanket ban, but some hospitals have implemented their own policy and stopped people from smoking e-cigarettes both inside and outside the hospital grounds.

Bars and Restaurants

Again, there is no blanket rule.

Most pubs and restaurants will probably let you smoke an e-cigarette, although it's worth checking first.  

The office

It depends who your boss is. Many offices take the view that e-cigarettes are not the equivalent to tobacco cigarettes and therefore have no strict policy on using them in the workplace. Best check with your HR department.

Museums and galleries

This one's a flat out no I’m afraid.


The consensus across both independent picture houses and multiplexes is a no here too.  

While it is clear that there is a lot of misconception and uncertainty about vaping in general when it comes to public spaces, if you are courteous of people around you and respect the rules there shouldn’t be any problems.

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