Watching The Scene

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Well we have come a long way since 2011. Since then I have watched as the vape industry has grown at a mind-boggling phenomenally fast rate. Initially the push-back by society, at first fighting against this new product and growing scene, and the fear-mongering seemed like it would almost crush the vaping movement before it got out of its cradle. But such was the totally unique and tergetted success with smokers being able to easily switch from tobacco to the vaping that the omentum overcame the negative prejudice.

How A Community Of Vapers Has Grown
Now, when I sit in one our vape stores, I have a feeling of deep contentment as I serve and speak with regular customers who have been with The Vape Shop for years. A sense of community has grown among us (vapers) as our common purpose - to get off and stay away from the fatal tobacco addiction - is one that binds us all together regardless of age, race, career or background.

I have seen people with chronic COPD come into our shops on disability scooters only to see them several months later walking, (albeit with a stick), and with a reduced COPD count. Their faces clearer and there health improved which happens when you go from smoking 40 cigarettes a day to zero. Although it's not world-peace or saving the world I do feel grateful that I live in a time when the e cigarette came about. A real solution to century old problem for people that have not been able to benefit from the existing nicotine replacement therapy products.


The Old Days
I have, and still do with an open jaw watch as the product change from week to week each new one coming with a new improved performance and features aimed at delivering a better vaping experience. Some of you might not remember the EGO T and EGO C style cigarettes with a top fill cartridge that dripped the e liquid onto a small coil. Often you would have to blow into the tip first to make sure the liquid had gone through to the coil below. Leaking was an hourly occurrence and when the first 900MAH battery came out it was literally a ‘Wow’ moment.

What a wonderful journey it's been so far. Being part of a growing community, being able to serve and offer help to other smokers in our local area and in the UK online.

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