Vision Spinner 2 1600mAH Electronic Cigarette Battery

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The Vision Spinner 2 1600mAH electronic cigarette battery is an oasis in the desert of poor performing and underpowered e cig batteries. With a clickable twist wheel located at the bottom of the battery, which allows you to turn the voltage of the battery up from 3.3 volts up to 4.8 volts, the Vision Spinner 2 looks and feels superb.

I have been using the latest Vision Spinner 2 for a few weeks now and it has filled the hole in my vaping life created by underperforming batteries. There is no comparison with the Vision Spinner 2 and the 1100mah EGO twist batteries. Compare the two batteries side to side and you see straight away that the spinner is slightly thicker, looks more solid in build and comes with a cool graphic design as well as the brilliant Vision Spinner V shaped operation button.

Vision Spinner Charge Indicator 
Another cool feature of the spinner battery is that, it lets you know what charge is left on the battery through using three colours when you depress the action V button: 

White = Fully Charged
Blue = Half Charged
Red = Charge Required

I can honestly say the Vision Spinner 2 is an honest e cig battery that does not fall short on its marketing statements. This battery will last 2 days of medium-heavy vaping use, I should know as Im using one myself. Unlike the EGO 1100mAH which is proclaimed to last two days but doesn’t the Vision Spinner 2 performs perfectly! 

Universal 510 Threaded
The Vision Spinner 2 is 510 threaded which means that you can use everything from basic CE4 tanks to the Kanger Aerotank which is great and although not  major part of choosing a battery in my experience but it also comes in a variety of colours and design so there is something for every style. On top of all this you get a whopping 1600mAH of power meaning that every vape will be a fulfilling one leaving you satisfied. All in all the The Vision Spinner 2 1600mAH battery is one of the best slim-style e cig batteries on the market today.

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