Top 10 Best E Liquid Review 2018 -2019

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E liquid is a combination of various ingredients which include; water, propylene glycol,, nicotine, glycerine, and additives. It is often used in vapor products, and ingredients vary from one product to the other. Generally, E liquid comes in numerous flavors all of which contain certain percentages of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). In this article, we shall discuss the best E liquid brands based on vapers reviews to look out for in 2018 and 2019.

1.      Black Note

Black Note is among the best E liquids available. Its flavors are extracted naturally from actual tobacco leaves. According to the available Black Note reviews, it is contains intricate tobacco composition which makes it tasty.


In order to obtain delicate tobacco elements, actual fresh tobacco leaves are processed through cold maceration. This procedure involves steeping the leaves for a period of more than six weeks.


This gives Black Note an exclusive taste defined by natural flavors which many users identify with. Black Note is purely natural and does not contain complex ingredients or artificial additives.

Tel: +1 – 6 28 07 40 67

2.      Jones & Black Liquid

Jones & Black Liquid is an e liquid company that manufactures some of the best products in the market today. Their products are tailored in different flavors to satisfy the needs of each user. Their customer service team is on call to handle any arising concerns as well as provide more information in regard to their products.


Jones & Black Liquid uses natural extraction procedures to obtain natural flavors from real tobacco leaves. This means that their products are genuine and do not contain any chemical or artificial additives.


Jones & Black e liquids contain different ingredients which include; natural flavorings, water, nicotine, and propylene glycol. They are tasty and do not come with a bad odor. The company uses propylene glycol to neutralize the effects of nicotine.


This brand uses different flavorings which are used in the cosmetic, food, and pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, regulated use of the e liquids does not cause any side effects. Jones & Black Liquid products are not toxic.

Tel: +44 (0) 800 292 2117

3.     Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady is an e liquid brand based in the UK. The company produces crisp e liquids and has gone a step further to exclusively package them in an appealing manner.


Dinner Lady e liquids come in various flavors which include; cornflake tart, blackberry crumble, strawberry custard, lemon tart, and maple waffle. All Dinner Lady flavors are natural and well blended to give users an irresistible taste.


Tel: +44 (0) 1254 865915

4.      Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is an e liquid  brand with a collection of both savory and sweet products. The flavors are carefully extracted to maintain their natural sweet taste. There are numerous flavors under this brand, all of which come with varying themes.


Pacha mama theme for instance comes with a fruity and warm taste. E liquids under this theme are exclusively blended to give users the ultimate tropical experience. Other flavors from Charlie’s Chalk Dust include; mustache milk, wonder worm, jackfruit, and mango pitaya pineapple.


Charlie’s Chalk Dust brand comes with a collection of unique flavors to satisfy each user’s needs. Experience the distinctive combination of sweet flavors and herbs that leave you desiring for more.



5.      Vampire Vape

Vampire Vape is a leading e liquid manufacturer with more than 20 products and over 50 flavors to their name. The flavors are inspired by candy and are generally sweet and irresistible.


Some of the flavors include; dusk, tropical island, blackcurrant, vamp toes, and bat juice. Everyone enjoys flavors differently. Vampire Vape put this into consideration and came up with a variety of flavors to satisfy different user taste buds.


However, almost all Vampire Vape e liquids come with a powerful alcohol and blackcurrant flavor which may not resonate well with many users.


Tel: +44 (0) 1254 460125

6.     Suicide Bunny

There are five multiple toned dessert and fruity e liquids within the Suicide Bunny brand. They come with a sweet and creamy taste and the liquid is stored in beautifully designed clear bottles. Suicide Bunny e liquids are blended together using high amounts of vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.


The flavors include; melon cream (madrina) which is not only sweet but fresh. It comes with a blend of fairly sweet and creamy custard and melon to give vapers a great experience. Mother’s milk has been highly appreciated by many users. It contains a mixture of heavy cream and strawberry for the ultimate vape experience.


Sucker punch is richly infused with dragon fruit and cream. Derailed flavor is a combination of banana and cinnamon herb. The O.B flavor also known as original cream base is enriched with tasty heavy custard cream.


Tel: +1 (877) 410 8041

7.     Sicboy

E liquids from Sicboy come with a PG/VG ratio ranging between 30/70 and 35/65 percent. There is a variety of flavors within Sicboy which include: sicker than most, M.B.Y.C, catatonic, and deviant. Sicboy uses some of the best available ingredients in their production.


Vapers can use Sicboy e liquids all day. Users can purchase any Sicboy e liquid flavor at $25.99. Sicboy e liquid flavors have been properly combined to give them an authentic mouth watering taste and aroma.

Tel:+1 (208) 640-1311

8.     Cuttwood

Cuttwood is a popular e liquid brand based in California. Their products come with a VG/PG of 70/30 percent. These ratios are well balanced to give vapers a great experience as well as neutralize the nicotine. This brand has different flavors which include; boss reserve, sugar drizzle, mega melons, and unicorn milk. Vapers can purchase cuttwood e liquids online for $9.49.
Tel: +1 (949) 371.2057

9.     Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog e liquids are manufactured using food grade flavourings. They contain 30/70 PG/VG ratio to give users an intense vapor while neutralizing the effects of nicotine. The nicotine levels in Cosmic Fog products are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

This brand produces different e liquid flavors which include; the shocker, milk and honey, and chewberry.

Tel: +1 (949) 266.1730

10.        The Milkman

While The Milkman e liquid bottles are elegantly designed, many vapers are not happy with the fact that they are opaque. The brand has a collection of various brands which contain 99% VG. This makes them thicker than many standard e liquids. Some of The Milkman flavors include; Churrios, melon milk, and bubble milk.
Tel: 1-310-405-6196


Different e liquid brands are keen on using the best natural products to maximize user experience and minimize side effects. It is however, important to research extensively before using any brand. This will help one to choose the best brand that meets their needs.

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