Tobacco E Liquids

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Changing traditional cigarettes and buying is a step in the right direction. Using e-liquids might take a little time to get used to and you may want to make sure you get your tobacco hit by only choosing tobacco e-liquids.

The vape shop has a good range of tobacco e-liquid flavours, to make sure you feel comfortable while you get used to vaping. Once you’re more experienced, you might like to try some of the other e-liquids we stock, like mint flavours, dessert flavours or even refreshing fruit flavours. But for now, have a look at these great tobacco flavours and give one or two a try.

Big Red is a very popular e-liquid with a strong flavoursome taste. It’s a medium dark tobacco that will satisfy both novice and experienced vapers.

Burley Tobacco is strong and dry. If you love a tobacco taste, then this is the e-liquid for you. Look at the reviews, they all mean the same thing. Great flavour.

Cuban Supreme is smooth and smokey and some say with a hint of sweetness. This e-liquid is perfect for every day vaping. Don’t let the name put you off, it is definitely a tobacco and not a cigar flavour.

Dark Hilton will appeal you to you if you like a strong throat hit and a taste that packs a punch. This tobacco is dark and smooth, made to create a mild, sweet aftertaste.

Desert Tobacco has an authentic American tobacco taste. It’s flavoursome, with a good throat hit and is a popular choice with our customers.

Gold Virginia is a top seller and our customers love the rolled tobacco taste and smell. It gives you a mild throat hit with a subtle hint of vanilla.

King Arthur You don’t need to be a brave Knight in shining armour to try this e-liquid, you just need to enjoy a blended tobacco taste with a hint of sweetness.

Maximum Blend is a pleasant tobacco with a hint of vanilla and a smooth sweet taste and a mild throat hit.

Mellow Dark has a full flavour without any hit of sweetness. It’s perfect if you prefer a raw, rough tobacco taste, which is exactly what it delivers.

Morning Mist If you like your tobacco with a hint of something different, try Morning Mist with a hint of mint. It’s a light fruity flavour that you can use all day.

Red Line is made from blended American tobacco flavours to create a mellow, sweet flavour with a pleasant throat hit and a nice thick vapour.

Ry4  A subtle mix of essence with nuts and sugar give this tobacco an unusual nutty, sweet caramel flavour that’s popular with our customers who like its smooth aftertaste.

Superstar USA is just like a young Elvis, smooth and seductive with pure American style. A well-blended tobacco taste with a hint of sweetness and a touch of luxury.

US Cowboy is sweet, aromatic with a true tobacco flavour, a great throat hit and plenty of vapour.

USA Red Mix is mild and sweet to give you a smooth vaping experience that’s easy on the throat with a nice thick vapour.

If you’re new vaping and you want to find out more about our tobacco flavour e-liquids or e-cigarettes and accessories, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Fill in the contact form on the website or pop into one of our three shops.

If you’re an experienced vaper let us know what you think of our e-liquids, we love to receive your feedback. You can order cigarette starter kits, coils, batteries and other accessories online or from our shops in Boscombe, Christchurch and Bournemouth.

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