The Top 5 Luxury E Liquid Brands In The World

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If, like me, you love vaping and enjoy a quality e liquid that hits the spot simply from the smell, let alone the actual vaping, then perhaps you may be interested in trying a juice from one of the top 5 most luxurious e liquid brands in the world.

Top 5 Placements

To get into the top 5 luxury e liquid brands in the world we reviewed the the cream of crop e juice manufacturers globally. The five brands below have been chosen on; customer reviews, client base, quality of flavours, cost per ml, brand prestigiousness and exclusivity. If you're a connoisseur of e liquids then you'll already be familiar with all of the below brands. However if you are looking to see what the rich and famous are vaping, or ever wondered which companies are the best on the planet at producing out-of-this-world flavours - keep reading below.

What makes these guys different from your general high street e liquid brands?

To answer the above question Ill use an example of food.

Have you ever had lunch at your local cafe? The food tastes okay, it fills you up - ‘jobs a good un’. However, if you can afford it, try having the same style of lunch at one of London’s fine dining Michelin starred restaurants such as Le Gavroche Knightsbridge or Gordon Ramsay’s Chelsea restaurant. Once you have tasted the delicacies on offer by these prestigious establishments you will, at once, understand the difference between fine dining and general eating. One will engage and excite the palate, the other will simply offer a generic taste while filling you up. (Ignorance is bliss!)

This is the difference between high street e liquid brands and the top 5 luxury e juice brands.

Anyway without further ado here are the top five most exclusive and best e liquids brands in the world today in no particular order…




Black Note

Black Note, a USA company, is one of the world's finest tobacco e liquid brands that shot to stardom with it's ‘Cold Maceration’ based tobacco flavours. It's expensive but when you vape this e juice you'll understand why. You won't find your average high street vaper using Black Note, (possibly because of the price tag), which adds to its exclusivity. The blending process used by Black Note involves weeks of steeping of the most expensive flavours and ingredients in the USA.


Location: California




Phillip Rocke Grand Reserve
The mixologist behind the flavours of Gemini Vapors has created the Phillip Rocke Reserve e liquid brand which is reputed to offer some of the finest tasting e liquids in the world. Utilising secret aging and production techniques Phillip Rocke manages to produce unmatched out of this world flavours that are blended from expensive top quality ingredients. The price tag is above average high street prices but not massively so. It's an exclusive and popular brand with the in-crowd and easily deserves its place in the top 5 luxury brands.


Location: California


Jones & Black
If there was an order to the top 5 Jones & Black would sit at joint place at No1 with Phillip Rocke. Known as the jet-setter choice liquid brand, Jones & Black, is reputed to be a favourite among the Hollywood star crowd and is definitely one of the most exclusive and best kept secret brands on the market with its luscious fresh and lively flavours. Apart from the outstanding luxury flavours Jones & Black offers, that are based on a propriety 3 month steeping, this company smacks of prestige and exclusivity. You won't find any advertising or promotion for this brand, their client base is built purely from word of mouth.



Location: London



Mystique is another prestigious and luxurious liquid brand offering individually serialised bottles that hold some of the finest creamy flavours in the vape world. Mystique boasts that at least 11 flavours. Not as expensive as some of the top 5 luxury brands but they definitely deserve a top 5 place based on their flavours and prestige.


Location: California




Five Pawns

Last but by no means least is the prestigious brand Five Pawns. Known throughout the vaping world for their quality and distinguished flavours Five Pawns definitely earns a place in the top 5 luxury e liquid brands in the world. Offering a range of luxurious delicacies at reasonable prices for a top brand Five Pawns is a brand you will see discerning vapers use, it's not really a high street brand because of the price.


Location: California



Stand Out From The Crowd
Most world wide vapers tend to stick to mid-range or cheaply priced e liquid due to accessibility and affordability - the same as most people tend to shop at the mid-range to cheaper supermarkets for food. However if you can afford to splash out then treat yourself to a luxury e liquid flavour from one or all of the above top 5 brands and you instantly experience the vast difference between the cheap to mid range liquids and the luxury end of the market. There is simply no comparison in texture, flavour depth and satisfaction.

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