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A smoky haze has lifted from the vaping industry of late. Manufacturers of vaping devices are changing the way they make their products. Instead of incorporating the standard ohm coils that the industry has been plagued with for the last four years, they are now using mesh coils.


Plagued may be the wrong term to use, these OHM coils weren’t bad at all. But as time goes on, we come up with better inventions and ways of doing things. The mesh coil is just that. It offers vapour-device users more quality than they have ever known.


To get you up to speed on this latest industry shakeup, we have outlined why mesh coils are a step in the right direction and even offered some examples to help you make the switch. Here goes…


Ohm Coils


The coil on a vaping device is the part which gets heated up by the battery to aid the vapouring process. You can get single coils or double coils depending on the how many wires wrap around the central wick.


In either of these coil types, there will be a small print on the side. This print will read numbers often between 1.5ohm and 2.5ohm. Having an ohm at the lower end of that spectrum will give you a harder hit, warmer and more vapour and also less time between charges. Ohm is important for the individual vaping experience, but no rating can really be classed as better than another rating.


Mesh Coils: What’s All The Noise About?


Those ohm coils were the standard for most vapour-device users, until recently. Nowadays, there is an ever-growing hype surrounding the use of mesh coils over ohm coils.


It is not the first time that mesh has been used in a coil. Mesh has been used as the central wick in previous designs, but it is the first time that coils have used mesh in the outer rings – with the purpose to heat the wick.


The big difference, aside from the obvious change in material, is in the surface area of the two coils. Mesh coils tend to have a much bigger surface area. This affords multiple benefits, which we will get on to shortly.


We know what you are thinking. There is no specific need to use mesh to increase the surface area of a coil – and you would be right. However, with the increased surface area there is a correlating increase in mass, which in turn makes the coil very thirsty for power. Using mesh counters this by creating a large surface area without significantly increasing mass.


Why Mesh Coils Are Better


There is a tendency for people to automatically create a buzz around an innovative change to something old. Yet, with the mesh coil, the noise and excitement from vapour users is justified. There are many benefits of using a mesh coil over the standard ohm options. Here, we will run through them with succinct explanations:


·         The relation between a mesh coil’s surface and their mass allows them to achieve instant ramp-up times even when using a mid-level wattage.

·         Heat is more evenly spread to produce intense flavours

·         This equally-spread heat also lets you create much bigger vapour clouds

·         Mesh coils are known to last much longer than ohm coils – value for money!

·         Most mesh-coil buys do not need an accompanying new tank – save your money!

·         The competition is on between manufacturers to optimise the mesh coil design, so you have more improvements to look forward to in the near mesh-coil future.


The Best Examples of Tanks With Mesh Coils


Now we have explained the benefits in ditching your old ohm coil and equipping your vaping device with a mesh coil, it is time to give some examples. This is also a tried-and-tested place to start if you are already sold on making the switch.


1.       FreeMax Mesh Pro


One of the best options for mesh-coil converters is the Freemax Mesh Pro Tank. The multi-mesh coil system in this tank affords you the advantages we already mentioned, as well as being compatible with the original. Other key features include a juice capacity of 6mL and dual bottom airflow.


2.       FreeMax Fireluke Mesh


FreeMax is certainly trying to lead the pack with the mesh-coil discovery. They have another top performer on the market already in the FreeMax Fireluke Mesh Tank. They specifically advertise this creation and its performance by specifically referencing the mesh coil it includes.


3.       Geekvape Alpha Mesh Coils


With the Geekvape Alpha Mesh tank you can choose to get a pack of mesh coils for the knowledge that you always have quality on the backburner. These are the manufacturer’s “MeshMallow” premium coils with advanced mesh elements for effective heating. These coils produce a more robust flavour and a rich and dense cloud when used properly.


The Key Takeaways


Now we have taken a look at the new faces on the vaping-coil scene, will you be making the switch? If you are yet to make up your mind about opting for a mesh coil soon, here are the key takeaways from our post to help you decide:


·         Ohm coils are still good, but they lack behind mesh coils in a number of areas

·         The innovations to use mesh in a coil is nothing new, but the use of mesh outside of the coil wick is new

·         Mesh coils are causing a hype due to their ability to combine a large surface area without drastically increasing mass

·         A bigger mass would make these coils require too much power to function

·         Mesh coils outshine ohm coils in a number of ways including, flavour, the size of clouds produced, ramp-up time and cost effectiveness

·         They are compatible with old tanks

·         These coils are only going to get better


Have you decided now? Happy vaping!

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