The Holy Grail Of Vaping

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If you are an experienced vaper (or even a newbie) and are looking for the perfect vaping combination of device, tank and e liquid then this blog post if for you. You will know that getting the right combination of e cigarette device and accessories can sometimes be like a troublesome crusade for the Holy Grail. Poor performing clearomizers, batteries that discharge after a short time and rotten tasting e liquid can be enough to send you back to tobacco cigarettes. Dont despair, we have all been through this barren desert of frustration however you will find that there is actually a well trodden path with plenty of sign posts if you are willing to look for them, and this blog is one of them.

If, like me, you value performance over style and looks then you're in for a real treat as there is light at the end of the vaping tunnel. The first thing you need to do is buy a Vamo V5 with an 18650 3500mAH battery and charger, one KangerTech AreoTank and an e liquid flavour of your choice from The Vape Shop. Once you have done this you will now have all you need to satisfy the vapers craving for a totally satisfying vape that will leave you feeling contented.

The Vamo V5
The Vamo V5 is a telescopic MOD that houses an 18650mAH battery. Dont let the term ‘telescopic’ put you off, this simply means that the Vamo V5 can be extended to include a small or large battery. The really neat thing about the Vamo V5 is that it allows you adjust the voltage and wattage of the battery determining whether to put a small or large amount of power through to the Kanger AeroTank (which will take both easily). You can simply adjust the power through clicking one of the well positioned buttons located on the side of the Vamo. 

The KangerTech AeroTank
A new addition to the Kanger clearomizer range is the KangerTech Aerotank which comes with a super powerful atomizer and adjustable airflow feature that is operated by turning the ring at the bottom of the tank base. This will let more or less air into the inhale changing it from a throat to a lung hit. The AeroTank produces a wonderfully rich and full-flavour vape that beats any same-piced clearomizer tanks hands down.

The Perfect Vape Combination
Once you have the Vamo V5 and AeroTank all you need to do is add one of The Vape Shop UK produced e liquid flavours and you are ready to experience the Holy-Grail of vaping which is the perfect vape; satisfying, rich and deep. You can adjust the battery power and the clearomizer air intake to tweak your vape experience so it matches your needs exactly.

If you are unsatisfied with your vaping experience or equipment due to poor quality vape hits, poor quality power or tank performance then try this 'perfect vape recipe' and you will step up to a new level and vaping experience that smacks of satisfaction with every vape.


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