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Do you want the taste of sweets without the guilt? The Vape Shop have some lovely flavours in their sweet e liquid flavour range. Changing from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, not only benefits your health, but also gives you the chance to try something new. Have a look at these sweet tasty e-liquids and enjoy the pleasure without the calories.

Candy Flavoured E-Liquid

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy is a great favourite with our customers who like the sweetness with the fruity flavour, another great flavour is Blueberry Candy, which is Fruity and smooth and then there’s Candy Apple Wow which is Just like a toffee apple, crisp sweet and fruity. Another firm favourite is Candy Floss, all the fun of the fair and deliciously sweet.

Candy Grape gives you a sweet but fresh and fruity taste and Candy Breeze is cool and smooth. Another refreshing flavour comes from Pear Candy A fruity pear taste that will remind you of old fashioned pear drops.  If you enjoy a minty taste, then try Mint Candy. It’s refreshing with added sweetness.  Pearl Candy, gives you the taste of tropical fruit with a sugary twist and Watermelon Candy for the sunny taste of refreshing watermelon.  If you enjoy fruity flavours, try Edentrip, which has a fresh fruity flavour with a hint of sweetness, Missing Moose, a fruity, creamy flavoured taste that stays with you or, Sweet Thang, which is tangy, light, fresh and sweet.

Butter Flavoured E-Liquid

Buttermint has the taste of cream, mint and butter, while traditional Butterscotch is flavoured from brown sugar and butter to give it a rich, creamy taste. If you love peanut butter, then Butternut Me will be perfect for your taste buds with its creamy smooth feel.

Chocolate, Coconut, Toffee and Caramel Flavoured E-Liquid

Everybody who loves the taste of chocolate, coconut, toffee and caramel will love these e-liquid flavours, which are smooth, creamy with a taste of luxury. Caramel, Chocolate, Chocolate Coconut Almond Candy, Cocoa Crunch and Chocolate Honeycomb are popular choices for vapers with a sweet tooth. Crème de Mint, Coconut, English Toffee and Hazelnut Praline will give you the sweetness and flavour of your favourite sweet treats. Chocolate Chilli will give you sweetness with a kick.

Traditional Sweets E-Liquid

Traditional sweets will take you back to your schooldays. Old fashioned flavours available in modern e-liquids to take you back in time to flavours you used to enjoy. Remember Cherry Cola, Cough Candy and Pear drops? Now you can recreate these great tastes with your vape. Or did you prefer the strong taste of Liquorice or tangy Lemon Sherbets?

The Vape Shop has a wide range of sweet e-liquids with creamy, fruity, rich and refreshing flavours. There’s also Fruit Gum flavour, Milk Bottle, which our customers confirm is rich, smooth and flavoursome. Our Marshmallow flavour e-liquid is also very popular with customers who love the sweet taste. Tutti Fruity and Red Liquorice have sweetness with a fruity tang. Rainbow drops have a light sweet taste and Blackjack should take you back to blackjack chews. Magic Elf is a mixture of fruity sherbet tastes and Rainbow Sherbet also packs a punch with a combination of fruity flavours.

Creamy Sweet E-Liquid

The Black Lad e- liquid has a taste of Pernod with aniseed, as well as liquorice. Loopy Fruits will give you a smooth, milky flavour and Creamy Crispies are the perfect combination of rice crispy flavour with cream. For those of you who enjoy a rich, creamy taste with a hint of vanilla will love the flavour of VKR Wow.

You can order all your vaping requirements from The Vape Shop. If you need any help or advice about our sweet flavoured e-liquids, e-cigarettes or vape accessories, get in touch, we’re friendly and approachable.


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