SMOK Priv V8 Review

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If you’re making your first forays into sub-ohm vaping, the Smok Priv V8 kit could be for you. Combining sleekness with simplicity, this is a very functional device which certainly doesn’t compromise on looks. Easy to use and fuss-free, you can expect some great flavour and a good overall performance for anyone who is looking for a user-friendly introduction to the world of sub-ohm.



As you might expect from a product that comes from the Smok brand, the Priv V8 is sturdily built from zinc alloy and boasts a sleek design. It comes with a Baby Beast Tank which is made from strong Pyrex glass and stainless steel for a setup that isn’t going to break easily in your pocket or bag. The fire button is large and is located at the side of the mod. It is very responsive and won’t rattle thanks to its solid design. One thing you’re sure to notice is that there’s no screen and no adjustable settings.



When it comes to operation, it doesn’t get much simpler than this device. It is one of the most user-friendly mods on the market today, and while it certainly isn’t particular powerful or versatile, it’s certainly a simple introduction to sub-ohm.


With its single fire button and without any adjustable settings, it doesn’t come much more fuss-free than this. All you need to do is click the fire button 5 times to fire the device, press the trigger when inhaling and then click another 5 times to turn the device off – even a beginner could do it!



The Priv V8 comes with a SMOK Baby Beast tank, which is a popular choice, known for its good quality vapour and flavour production. It features adjustable airflow slots along its base and has a top filling design for convenience. It won’t spill or leak while in your pocket, but while its coils perform pretty well, they aren’t very long lasting, especially if you’ll be using your device regularly.




You can expect good vapour and flavour quality from this vape, especially when you bear in mind that you can’t adjust the power settings. While some people might assume that the vapour won’t be any good because there’s no precision over wattage, in fact this mod is well calibrated enough to offer a good sub-ohm vaping experience with no user input at all.




Although the Priv V8 has an attractive and colourful design, it is a very thirsty mod and gets through a lot of your vape juice very quickly. That means it’s not the most economical choice, especially if you’re a heavy vaper. It also goes without saying that the lack of temperature controls won’t suit everyone, and those who are looking for a more adjustable experience should certainly look elsewhere for a device to meet their needs.




While the Priv V8 kit isn’t going to suit every user, it’s a great fuss-free introduction to sub ohm vaping, and would be a convenient, portable choice for anyone who wants a second device to travel with. Whether you’re making the transition from smoking to vaping and are looking for an easy to use device that you can get to grips with quickly, or whether you just want a hassle-free vape to take out and about, the Priv V8 ticks the boxes.


Despite its user-friendliness, you won’t be compromising too much on quality either. You’ll get good vapour and flavour as long as the battery is fully charged, and all of that is in a sturdy, well built and colourful package. What’s not to like?



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