SMOK MAG Kit Review

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Smok is one of the better-known manufacturers on the vaping market today, and is well known for its great box mods which have proven to be popular for a long time thanks to the excellent design and innovation which they incorporate. However, to date, the Smok Mag is their most ergonomically designed mod which fits perfectly into your hand. Colourful and visually appealing, this device has a lot of positives in its favour.


Smok Mag Design

The design of the Smok Mag is compact and neat, fitting perfectly into the user’s hand for a more comfortable feel and ease of use. It also comes in a choice of colours, so you can go with a plain black model for greater discretion while vaping on the go, or a bright red if you feel like being noticed. The moulding for the palm and thumb on its sides makes this a particular user-friendly device with a great hand-feel.


Smok Mag Operation

With its dual 18650 rechargeable batteries, this mod has a 225 W output and three different modes to choose from. You can adjust the temperature to improve and customise your vape to suit your unique preferences, or choose the wattage mode for manual control of power to the coil.


Alternatively, the memory mode gives even greater customisation potential although it is harder and more time consuming to programme. Simple to use, you simply click the fire button of this device five times to lock the mod and three to access the menu.


Smok Mag Tank

The Smok Mag kit comes complete with a TFV12 Prince tank, a T12 coil and a Q4 coil. The top filling tank is easy to refill without creating any mess or spills and it has an adjustable airflow to allow you to find just the right draw to suit your preferences.


Smok Mag Performance

Even the most demanding experienced sub-ohm kit vaper won’t be disappointed with the performance produced by the Smok Mag. Its cutting-edge chipset is very responsive and although the memory mode is a little fiddly to control it allows for the accuracy of customisation that will guarantee you the perfect vaping experience.


If you want to use a high wattage, you might struggle a little with this vape, but for those who are relatively new to vaping and who prefer an experience that feels more like regular smoking, the upgrade this device offers from a basic cig-a-like is impressive.

Overall, it’s a great enhancement for anyone who has been used to a basic vaping experience.



While there is a lot to like about the Smok Mag, there are few negatives to consider before deciding whether this is the right mod for you. For a start, its battery release button is pretty sensitive and that can mean that you accidentally end up releasing the battery while the device is being carried around in your pocket, which can be a pain.

Also, although the design will appeal to many people, some people feel that the gun handle style does not suit the shape of their hands and they find it uncomfortable to use.


Conclusion Of The Smok Mag Kit

​Overall, the Smok Mag is a great value mod, and will especially appeal to those who are looking for a compact and stylish vape device that will fit nicely in their hand and which doesn’t require a very steep learning curve.


A great choice for beginners, this device has an advanced chipset which offers a high level of performance all at a price that anyone can afford. Suited to the needs of both novice and experience vapers, the Smok Mag kit gives users enough flexibility to really customise their vaping experience to suit their own preferences.




Last update: April 14, 2018


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