Smok H – Priv Intelligent Review

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Introducing The Smok H – Priv

The Smok H – Priv Mini kit is another innovative vaping design that is tailored to meet the undying needs and desires of passionate and habitual vapers. This device is an improvement on H-Priv 220W. This vaping device is designed to implement a top – style OLED screen that display a wide range of informative data for ergonomic form factor. The H-Priv Mini is a short mod that is all metal and feels rugged. It is an improved designed with different configuration and outstanding performance.  This vaping device comes with uniquely designed power boost settings that determine the degree of quickness and slowness the coil of the device heat. The Smok H –Priv Mini has shortcuts for accessing the various power boost settings, this will enable the users to optimize the power boost settings functions without going through the menu. This vaping device has high level of safety features and some of these features are; Short circuit, overheating and low battery warning, intelligent atomizer detection, a puff monitoring system and a 12 second cut–off. The device is available in six attractive colors of black orange, silver orange, white orange, Black purple, Yellow Black and Black green.



Smoke H – Priv Manufacturer


Smok H – Priv Mini is one of the innovative brands of Shenzhen IVPS Technology Co limited. IVPS technology is a professional electronic cigarette manufacturing company. Since inception, IVPS technology has been investing in research and development in the area of technology so as to come up with fascinating vaping devices that meet the current vaping trends in the society. In view of this, they have been able to produce and sell different vaping devices in market around the world.  As a renowned international electronic cigarette manufacturer, IVPS has variety of electronic cigarette products ranging from vaporizers, e-liquid devices etc.  As part of their quest of providing an unmatched vaping experience to their users worldwide, IVPS has launched a unique vaping app that is tailored towards making vaping more healthy and amazing. This app is a smart vaporizer management as well as a social platform that allows passionate and habitual vapers to share their vaping experience and easily connects and makes friends with of vapers around the world. Recently, IVPS has introduced more social and information communication functions into the app that makes it an excellent e-cigarette vertical community.


H – Priv Description


The Smok H – Priv Mini is an amazing and fascinating vaping product from SMOK. This vaping device with unique features is priced within the range of $50 - $75. This vaping device is uniquely designed with high level aesthetic features. The fact that this electronic cigarette has short and chubby body makes it to be popularly referred to as Kung Fu Panda. It is a known fact that it is one of the smallest vaping devices of the Smok brand, yet it outperformed many other devices in the same categories that are bigger than it. This vaping device consists of the Smok H-Priv Mini 50W TC Box Mod and the Smok Brit Beast Ohm tank. It has about 9V maximum output voltage that enables users to fire a variety of resistance. The Smok H – Priv Mini has an inbuilt 1650mAh non removable 22450 battery that has the capacity to keep the device active for 2 hours of continuous 50W vaping. The battery dimension is around 22mm round and 45mm tall. The device has a smart charging system that uses USB cable through the micro USB port under the regulatory buttons.  The most amazing fact about this vaping device is the fact that it can tell exactly the type of coil that is installed into it. Vapers that have used this vaping device have attested to the fact that this device is designed to be economically suitable for people with low budget and performance at lower watts.


Features of the Smok H – Priv



ü  Smart Charging: One of the features of Smok H – Priv Mini is the fact that it can be charged smartly. It has a USB charging port that is located under the regulatory buttons. This smart charging feature makes it possible for this device to be use both indoor and outdoor.


ü  Durability: This device is designed to be durable. It has newly added features that that will contribute immensely to the durability of this vaping device.

ü  Safety: The Smok H –Priv Mini vaping device has a high level of safety features. These features will help to protect vapers against accident during usage. Some of these features are; short circuit, overheating, low battery warning, intelligent atomizer detection, etc.




ü  Despite the fact that the vaping device is small, it has a high level of resistance.

ü  It feels rugged in use and has a metal body.

ü  When the atomizers are used up to 25mm, the device looks good.

ü  It produces great flavor during vaping.




ü  One of the challenge with this device is that there is firmware upgrade

ü  There is a slight overlap of atomizers and screen


Bottom Line

The Smok H- Privi Mini is a perfect choice for passionate and habitual vapers with low budget. This is due to the fact that it is relatively cheap. Also it is the best vaping device to be used if the watt is low and high performance is expected.

Buy The Smok H-Priv Here

Buy The Smok H-Priv Mini Here

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