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All over your cheeseburger, to all over your clothes in front of the colleague you’ve tried so hard to get the attention of – leaks can happen at the worst times. The vaping gods don’t care about your street cred or your love life, a leaking vape machine can strike at any moment.


When your device starts leaking, it is easy to lose hope and begrudgingly head to the store for an expensive replacement. But, before you grab your jacket and trudge out the door, take a look at our guide to help you identify your leaking issue. Our post is packed with lots of possible reasons why your device is leaking and how to fix it.


To understand why your device is leaking, we first will need to grasp a basic knowledge of the inner workings of your vape tank.


The Inner Workings Of Your Vape Tank


The tank on your vaping device is undoubtedly an important part of its functioning. It is the place where your e-juice is kept and where said e-juice is converted into vapour. Grab your vaping device now and take a look at it.


You should easily notice the coil head and the e-juice tank. This tank connects to the device with a connector. The connector transfers power to your coil from the battery. An air passage - sometimes referred to as a chimney - connects to the device’s coil head, which transfers vapour to the mouthpiece. This mouthpiece has a dual function of being the place you add e-juice to the tank and where you inhale produced vapour.


Now you have a basic knowledge of how your vape tank functions, we can use this to pinpoint why your vape tank is leaking and what you can do about it.


Air Passage Leakages


Some leakages stem from numerous problems related to the air passage. Here are the most common occurrences:


Incorrect refuelling – the tube running from the mouthpiece to the central aspect of the tank must remain free of juice. Make sure you do not get any in the chimney because it can cause your device to malfunction and leak. Just like when pouring a beer into a glass, tilt the device and slowly make it vertical as you get near the top. Also, make sure you never overfill it.

Airflow – increase your air intake setting if your leaks occur after long and powerful drags. Having your intake setting on too low prevents the required airflow and causes leaks.

Flooded tanks – e-juice can escape outside your device’s coil housing if your coil is trying to vaporise too much liquid at once. Fix this by using a cotton swab to absorb excess liquid, increase your power settings for increased vapour production, or try blowing it out manually via the mouthpiece.

Condensation – the chimney of your device may have leftover vapour, which condenses back into liquid. Take an additional drag to help resolve this issue.


There is also the possibility of coil issues causing leaks. Coil issues can be divided into multiple problems so we have given these potential diagnoses some more column space. They include:


·         Mass-produced defective coils or unauthentic coils are in circulation

·         Your coil may not be screwed in place tight enough

·         Old coils can burn and cause leaks – invest in a new coil!

·         Mismatched coils added to the wrong tanks


Leakages From The Sides


Alternatively, you may be experiencing a leaking device from the sides of the tank. There are two main possibilities and ways of rectifying this issue. If you do have a leaking device, you should hope that one of the following two issues is the problem because they are both inexpensive to solve.


A faulty seal is a common problem but before you check the seal for damages or small gaps, you should inspect whether the tank is fastened into place properly. Both can be fixed easily. In many situations, the issue is with damaged or missing O-rings. These small items can be found extensively and are very cheap to replace.


There is also the chance that your leakage is the result of a crack or a series of them. The Pyrex material used in the manufacturing of these devices can become worn and damaged over time. if you have owned your vape machine for a while, these cracks may have accumulated and compromised their water-tight specification. Replacements are also inexpensive.


Other Possible Reasons


If your leaking device falls into one or more of the above categories, but our solutions have not done the trick then do not worry. There are two other possible solutions for your leaking vape machine:


Positioning – you should leave your tank in a vertical position in every situation you can. This includes overnight and during charges.

Maintenance – leakages may also be the result of leftover residue caused by burning e-juice. Unscrew your device and clean with hot water or alcohol. Before using it again, make sure it has fully dried by leaving it overnight.


Are You The Problem?


If all of the above has failed, you may need to take a look at yourself. The cause of a leaking tank may, in fact, be due to your inhaling technique, especially if you are a newbie vape user. There is a big difference between smoking and vaping as the latter does not require as powerful of a drawing force. An excessive force presses more liquid towards the coil chamber. The solution? Go steady and take longer drags instead.


Resolved Or Still No Cigar?


If the possibilities and solutions listed above have not been fruitful, there is one last solution. Unfortunately, grab your jacket again because it’s time to get a new vaping device. Vaping should be enjoyable so investigating any more possibilities is probably not worth your time – or money!


To the others, we hope we managed to help you pinpoint your leakage issue and take the steps to resolve it. Happy vaping!

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